Eat My Sports: Down goes Tiger

The funny thing about the saga that has become Tiger Woods, is that we keep finding ourselves surprised that he’s not the same golfer or person we saw from 1995-2008. The one who mowed down the competition, was easily the most marketable athlete on the planet and also kept his personal life extremely private. Yet, from November 2009 on, he hasn’t been the same, in any capacity, he’s been a train wreck, and it’s time we stopped being surprised or holding him to the same standard he crafted up until the time of the ’08 housing crisis.

No, Woods was not under the influence of alcohol when police found him passed out at the wheel at a stoplight in Jupiter, FL this past weekend, yes he was under the influence of his painkillers, including one that had not been produced since 2004. All in all, this was a story I would have thought would have come from Jon Daly, but it just seems to be the icing on the cake that started with him getting caught driving down the fairway in restaurant bathrooms with waitresses.

I take no delight in seeing the downfall, one thing I’ve always enjoyed in sports is watching authentic greatness. Woods made people care about a sport that was primarily for old, white guys. He was assaulting Jack Nicklaus’ total number of majors that everyone thought was a foregone conclusion he would’ve doubled by now. I was really looking forward to seeing him take on these things, but, unlike most of the world, I knew that Tiger was gone right around Thanksgiving eight years ago.

I accepted that version of Woods was gone a long time ago, and it shouldn’t take a DUI to realize it now.