Eat My Sports: Don’t get ahead of yourself

Yes, the NBA Finals have not been the epic battle we were anticipating going into the rubber match between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. But folks, please do not panic, at least not yet.

Last year we were in the same boat, with Golden State winning games one and two by a combined 58 points, so, I’m not ready to write this series off yet, for a couple of reasons. First off, Kyrie Irving is not going to play this badly for an entire series, his previous playoff history shows us that he will bounce back. Secondly, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry have been shooting lights out through two games, the moment one of them goes cold is when this is going to become a series.

What last year also taught us is that these two teams do not historically play close games, six out of the seven games last year were decided by double digits, but people have revisionist history and tend to only remember the epic game seven. So let’s not jump off the deep end and act like this is a forgone conclusion the Warriors are going to sweep the Cavs, at least, not yet.