Add R.I. rotting clam road to your summer road trip

Neighbors are the worst part of owning a house, aside from having to share your house with members of your own family. But what’s worse is when a neighbor gets creative with rotting seafood.

In Rhode Island, a man’s neighbors are upset because they say he built an access road using unwashed clam shells. This isn’t terribly uncommon in seaside locations, crushed up shells are a cheap and easy material for roads. However, the shells being used typically have been cleaned and have no meat in them.

The neighbors say since the man laid down the clam shells a week earlier, the whole area has smelled like rotting seafood. They can see clam meat on the shells and maggots feasting on it.

Neighbors are terrible, but the good news here is that thousands of clams were killed to build the road, and you can drive over them any time you want.