Eat My Sports: Don’t Call It A Comeback

Since I started really being cognizant of sports, and I’ll put this time right around 1994, few stories have dominated the landscape of sports and pop culture quite like the saga of O.J. Simpson. I mean, let’s face it, few people have had the enigmatic draw that Simpson has had, for good or for bad (yes, I know when it comes to The Juice, it’s almost always been bad, but c’mon) he’s a draw that you just can’t turn away from the story.

Last week, Simpson got kicked out of a Las Vegas hotel bar after becoming drunk and unruly, breaking glasses, and while not confirmed, we can only hope he was screaming out “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?!” When Simpson is in the news, and specifically for making a drunk mess out of himself, this just leads to a better news cycle and a better day for all of us.

Admit it, in the nine years that Simpson was in jail, not getting weekly stories about his train wreck of a life made your life just a little less interesting. So having vodka and OJ back in my life to create stories like these, hey, there’s no reason for me to argue.

We also need to appreciate these stories while we have them, folks. Believe it or not, Nordberg is 70, and these drunken episodes will be diluted soon to Simpson being carted around in a wheelchair, so we need to take these gems for what they are, as gifts from the sporting news gods, and appreciate them, because we’ve had them taken away before, and I’m afraid the life cycle of us keeping them may not have as long as span as we hope for.