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Navy designing robot to run in front of your car

The U.S. Navy is building robots, which isn’t exactly news. But the robots were kept to operations in the water, which fortunately isn’t where humanity lives. But now things are changing.

We have recently learned that the Navy is working on a robot squirrel–no, not a sea squirrel, which we assume is a thing. This robot is going to walk on land. The military said if successful, the robot would be used for reconnaissance. That’s right, the Navy is developing a robot based on the most annoying mammal in the world, and plans to use it to spy on people.

We’re beginning to wonder if the Navy is secretly run by animals.

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Robo-fish are going to spy on you

We’ve all known about the U.S. Navy’s trained dolphins, sea lions and other animals. Now it looks like they are finally moving away from arming our animal foes. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they are building robots instead.

The Navy’s Office of Naval Research is developing a remote controlled robot that looks like a tuna. They want to use it to spy on enemy harbors, but most likely not to be used to collect information on other tuna, which seems like the best use.

Then, of course, there’s also the risk of the robo-fish becoming self-aware, and turning on us. The last thing we need in the War on Animals is a double-agent tuna.

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Update: No dolphins have gone AWOL — yet

Hey, guess what? Remember how we said that there were Ukrainian killer dolphins on the loose? Well, turns out that was a hoax, so it’s safe to go back in the water.

However, there really are Ukrainian killer dolphins, they’re just all accounted for–for now. We’ve told you about how the U.S. Navy has dolphins for similar–ahem–porpoises, and it turns out we aren’t the only ones out there training our enemies how to kill us. Unlike the U.S., the Ukrainian navy doesn’t seem to have plans to switch to robots any time soon.

So you’re still not totally safe.

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What if the enemy of my enemy is another one of my enemies?

We’ve got good news and we’ve got bad news. Because we’re sadistic and enjoy leaving you in pain, we’ll start with the good news to throw you off guard.

The good news: The U.S. Navy is slowly doing away with its program training dolphins and sea lions in “keeping ports safe” for American ships at home and abroad. We’ve covered this before. (Keep in mind, there are military-trained dolphins that have gone rogue.) So, hooray for no more commando dolphins!

The bad news: Aside from the fact that our country is now going to be besieged with unknown numbers of veteran sea creatures begging for change (you know the VA’s not going to help them), it turns out their replacements will be robots. (Ask the American factory worker how it feels, Flipper!) Effectively, the Navy is replacing one enemy of mankind with another.

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Somehow, the insidious hands of Hasbro are at work

It would seem that the United States Navy has gotten their hands on the scathing documentary known as Battleship. No more will transforming alien robots rise from the sea and besiege our great country!