As if you had a better plan?

There are some days when you can make up plenty of stuff. The entire Bush administration. The last three years or so of when Enron still existed. The McCarthy Hearings. The O.J. Simpson murder trial.

And then there are some days when you can’t make something up, but it still makes you think that it’s made up. Like, when you see a headline that states “7-11s were robbed by a man holding a Star Trek sword”, you know that’ll be your headline of the day, no question.

One thought on “As if you had a better plan?”

  1. Qapla’!

    I also like these “popular headlines” listed on the same news site:

    “Could your Facebook Friend be Stealing Your ID?”

    “Thieves Stealing Snowplow Blades to Make Extra Money”

    and my personal favorite,

    “Woman Who Punched Flight Attendant Banned from Flying.”

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