Eat My Sports: Double hockey sticks

With the NHL playoffs in full swing, the least popular of the four major North American sports is getting it’s annual buzz, and being in the minority amongst a lot of my friends, I could care less.

Aside from being the equivalent of soccer on ice, hockey to me, is one of the least cerebral sports on the planet. It’s purely reactionary, involves no apparent strategy, and I’m pretty sure was created out of boredom by people in Canada who had three items: ice, branches and a frozen piece of poop.

While I know the common saying around the sports world is that there is nothing more exciting than a Game 7 in hockey. While I wish that I could see that, to me it gets trumped by baseball, basketball and the almighty NFL

Sure, I’ll catch flack for it, but even that beats trying to see where the puck is on the ice.