Blowing sweet CHOO-CHOO’s in your ear

Remember the days when Japanese bullet trains and subway lines were nothing but non-stop grope fests? Yeah, I know, those days aren’t exactly over, but I’d like to believe that recent laws and the international attention its received has helped pressure Japanese authorities into doing something about it.

Yeah, maybe not so much. A JR West employee was recently arrested on his way to work after a woman’s husband caught the guy blowing into her ear. While that might not be enough to get your arrested in America, perhaps just a stern warning, the Japanese prefectural nuisance laws aren’t as forgiving.

The husband apprehended the guy and handed him over to the police. Naturally, he denied it, but somehow I doubt that defense is going to hold up, especially considering the attention these nuisance laws have garnered in recent years. Granted, trains are sometimes crowded, but blowing in someones ear? Talk about creepy. Now, if only there was a law for close-talkers.

That’s right, I’m talking about you.