Bring your gas cans!

You know what sucks about wine, other than the high prices, snooty people who drink it, stains on your teeth and headaches? You can’t pour your own bottle of it.

Well, that is to say you used to not be able to pour your own bottle of it. In France (of course), they now have machines in supermarkets where you can fill up a container with a tap much the way you would a glass of beer from a keg, and it measures how much you pour like a gas pump. These machines could be hitting stores in the U.S. of A. in a year.

Be the first on your block to do a wine stand!

3 thoughts on “Bring your gas cans!”

  1. Well, they meant to be *high-end* high-end. Then everyone showed up in sweatpants and t-shirts.

    The theater even tried putting up ads everywhere with people in evening wear, but it didn’t really work.

    So, Huntsville high-end.

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