But … we really hate child molesters

When you’re a controversial figure who can’t seem to get anything right in the media, it’s best to lay low until a real softball of an issue comes your way. You know, something you can’t possibly ruin … unless you’re Sarah Palin.

Half-term Gov. Palin made an appearance on her best friend-in-a-totally-non-creepy-way Greta Van Sustern’s Fox News show. While interviewed, she took the very tough stance of being against raping children. (That’s raping, not wrapping children, which is still legal if you punch a few air holes in the box.)

But, she didn’t leave it at that. Oh, no. Sarah had to prove she’s more disapproving of forcible sex with children than anyone. More than President Obama. More than Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Even more than George Soros.

“As for the perp and perps that allowed the sinfulness to go on as they had allowed in the past, you know, I say about this assistant coach Sandusky: Hang him from the highest tree. I’ll bring the rope.”

And, just like that, Sarah Palin forced the world to consider if she’s more annoying than forced pederasty is terrible.