Catch Me If You Canada

Frank Abignale Jr. is back!

And he’s not even old enough to drink yet. Which, honestly, is still par for the course.

Colton Harris-Moore, a young man just old enough to legally smoke, is suspected of stealing a Cessna 182, flying the plane and then crashing the plane. For someone not enlisted in the Air Force to do that, that’s fairly impressive.

It’s not all bad thoughts, though. Pam Kohler, mother of Colton, has provided us with two hilariously awesome quotes:

“I just wish he would wear a parachute,” Pam Kohler said.


“Now every plane that gets stolen is going to be blamed on him,” she said.

Safety and stereotyping. Those are two bastions of every mother’s handbook for caring.

2 thoughts on “Catch Me If You Canada”

  1. EXACTLY! And you have no idea how much worse the handbook is! In spite of that, Colt is a kind hearted, highly intelligent individual without a mean bone in his body. And obviously as wily as they get! And as for all of the burglaries blamed on him, at least at first, he was just looking around to see how “normal” people lived. He didn’t take anything. It was about the adrenaline rush! It was later he began taking items. Cell phones, games, things he would never own, etc. It was never for selling the items or for money. After he was wanted, he took food, blankets, survival type goods. It is the adventure, not the want of goods that drives him. I mean, what did he buy with a stolen credit card? Big screen TV? No, a book on how to fly a plane!!!It IS totally wrong! I get that! But I also understand it was for his mental survival, a diversion from his “real” life. I pray he doesn’t get hurt by the frustrated army that is after him. They have gotta be so angry as he has made them look like the keystone cops so many times. And if Colt is still “fixable”, and I believe he is, he could be such an asset to this world! If he’d turn himself in and do his time, I’d pay for flying lessons for him as soon as he gets out! Or he could write a book and make his own money for flying lessons!
    Do it Colt! Turn yourself in before you get hurt! Quit While you’re still the winner!

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