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Animals and their human allies ruin a London bar

If you’re in London this month, you’re probably excited about Annie the Owl, a pop up bar that will be open for only one week. You are also probably a crazy person.

The draw of the bar is that you get to drink with owls. For those of you who don’t know, owls are huge, scary birds that can see you in the dark, and have long talons that could slice you up in a fraction of a second. A place filled with these flying death machines seems like a good place to drink, doesn’t it?

Now, the bar has cut the service of all alcohol in response to concerns from animal rights groups. So you can’t even enjoy the bar for the reason you’re there: to get drunk.

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Fight dementia with beer today

Drinking is good for you. And if you drink, there’s a good chance you’ll remember that fact long into your old age.

According to researchers in China, a chemical in beer helps ward off degenerative diseases. A study found that xanthohumol, a chemical found in hops, might help brain cells from oxidative stress that can lead to dementia. That means that while you may not remember how many beers you had last night, there’s a better chance you’ll remember your grandchildren’s names later in life.

And yet our own Rick Snee doesn’t like hoppy beers. So if he starts posting jokes from 2008, just roll with it.

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YouTube has failed us

Maybe not on YouTube, but we're pretty sure there are at least a couple of videos loosely based on the story of Lot's daughters somewhere online.
Maybe not on YouTube, but we’re pretty sure there are at least a couple of videos loosely based on the story of Lot’s daughters somewhere online.

According to a study published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, YouTube users are not doing enough to show the negative side of drinking. (We know, we’re having trouble thinking of any, too.) Based on an analysis of the 70 most popular YouTube videos about drunkenness,

[A]lcohol consumption was associated with humor in 79% of the videos and […] active intoxication was portrayed in 86%. However, only 7% of the videos contained any references to alcohol dependence. Also of concern to the researchers was the fact that almost a quarter of the videos (24%) featured motor vehicle use.

Even worse, the kids like them: “On average, the videos received 23.2 ‘likes’ – the primary way for users to express enjoyment – for every ‘dislike’ that was registered.” And that’s counting all of the comments calling the videos “GAYYY!!!” or explaining how the government uses chemtrails to keep us docile.

It’s up to YouTube users to reverse this trend. We’re calling on MilfHunter538, PurpleMeth and therandomtickler to get to work on strong, anti-drinking videos to instill lessons on the affects our choices make on others.

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Animals now trying to ruin the good name of bourbon

What’s in a name? Ownership, status, power … even marketing. The right name can be all that matters and what proves the difference between good and bad. After all, you don’t see a whole lot of Sally Hitlers running around.

So that’s why the Bourbon virus bothers us. Bourbon is delicious and full of uses. One of those uses, despite what ticks in Kansas would have you believe, is to not be a part of an illness. The CDC discovered a new virus in a recently deceased Kansas man, having been found with multiple tick bites. Rather than come up with a scientific Latin name for the virus, the scientists named it after the county where the man lived (warning: autoplay). Because that’s what we expect from smarties.

Alcohol gets a lot of bad press. Being connected to a disease ain’t gonna swing it in the direction of good.

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Science backs up your grandmother’s drinking habits

One of the best researched topics out there is how drinking is healthy. But what about drinking when you get older. Good news, tipsy ladies, you’re going to live forever.

According to a new study, women over the age of 65 who drink moderately live longer than those who don’t drink. It’s the elixir of life. However, old guys didn’t see the same benefits at 65 and up. In the 50-64 age group, the results were the opposite. The men were less likely to die if they drank than those who didn’t, while whether they drink or not made no difference for women of that age.

The key takeaway: Guys, when you get put in a home, you can get your lady neighbors drunk.

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Hot beer is the hot new thing

Most people worth knowing like beer. Even better people like craft beer. But the problem with liking craft beer is that you have to keep up with the hottest trends. Now, it’s hot beer.

Beer geeks know that beer doesn’t have to be served ice cold, despite what Coors Light commercials say. Some European brews are even served at room temperature. But the cool kids are heating up their beer now. Turns out it’s actually a tradition that died out during the 19th century, when weary travelers would come in from the cold to sit by a tavern fire with a hot mug of beer.

Just remember to pour the beer out of the can before you microwave it.

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Oregon hipsters attempting to make insanely hipster beer

Let it be known that The Guys most certainly support beer, especially good beer. We have no problems whatsoever with craft-brewing (though some of us wouldn’t be against a certain writer on this site mailing out some of his batches). But at one point or another, we have to set our proverbial foot down.

Using Oregon sewer water for the purposes of creating beer feels as good a place as any.

Clean Water Services, a water treatment company, has asked the state to let it use water that will then be treated and recycled before being sent to The Oregon Brew Crew, a homebrew group that would use the water for beer creation. Said beer would then be used events but not sold at breweries.

Two Oregon health service organizations currently remain opposed to each others views. The Oregon Health Authority has approved the request but the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality remains mum.

Silence is golden, people.

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Don’t drink and drone

While White House intruders aren’t really new, they are typically land-based intrusions. But now, they’re coming from the air, and they are kind of tipsy.

A quadcopter drone was found on the White House grounds on Monday morning, which set off some security concerns. Turns out, the threat was internal. An off-duty security officer, after having a few drinks, decided it was a good idea to try out his friend’s drone from the balcony of his apartment near the White House. But amazingly, he lost control.

He woke up the next morning to the news. Since he’s a federal employee, we’re just going to assume he’ll get promoted, rather than fired.

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Bar closed for dogs, Petco says

People who have dogs accept many things. They accept that they will never sleep well ever again, they accept that their furniture is going to get torn up, and they accept that they can’t just leave town whenever they want. But they don’t accept dealing with hyper dogs.

That’s why dog owners bought Good Dog Pet Calming Supplement at Petco. Well, they used to, anyway. Petco has pulled the product off its shelves after the homeopathic medicine was found to contain 13% alcohol by volume.

Owners said they first suspected there was booze in it when after one dose, the dogs would start rambling about what a bitch their old lady was.

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News flash: Your job drives you to drink

If you drink heavily, it’s time to blame it on your boss, if you weren’t already.

According to a new study, the more hours you work per week, the more likely you will drink heavily. Researchers looked at thousands of people in 11 different countries, and basically, they found out what we already know: alcohol is the great uniter.

Also, slurring our complaints about work is something we all do.