Cocktail dress really a cocktail

Ever had a night where you end up wearing your drinks? Take that concept and apply it to a whole new level. You’ve got Australia’s new dress made out of wine.

The dress is grown from bacteria from wine and must be kept wet at all times. (This blog will forgo any temptation to make a sexist remark like, “have at it, gentlemen,” because that would be inappropriate.)

A real potty mouth

Ever been so drunk you thought the toilet was talking to you? If you’re at bar in New Mexico, it may no longer be those tequila sunrises talking.

The state is placing 500 urinal cakes in men’s restrooms around the state. But these are no ordinary urinal cakes. They can talk.

This blog takes a stand against talking urinal cakes. Sure, they only deliver anti-DUI messages now, but what happens when you go to pee and the urinal cake starts making comments about your unit? Be careful where you pee, men of New Mexico.