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Eat My Sports: Manziel, number one

Easily the most polarizing figure in sports aside from one LeBron James, Johnn Manziel has been captivating, frustrating and entertaining. Last night he was in Washington D.C. to let everyone know he had arrived.

Now, aside from a few minor snafus, Manziel has largely kept quiet, okay, maybe just quiet on the field. But with one gesture towards the Redskins sideline last night, Manziel lit an even bigger fire under his own media storm. Yes, Manziel flipped the bird to the Redskins, saying that he’s been having to listen to defenders talk him up and down for weeks.

This kid is going to fail fantastically. If Manziel can’t handle the pressure of a game and a half of talking from the likes of the Redskins’ and Lions’ defense, then the talk of his maturity and why so many teams passed over him before the Browns traded back up to pick him, were right. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Major Disappointment

Those of you that read this, and from what I can tell, it’s not enough for my day job yet, know that I don’t talk about golf that often. Why, you ask? For the most part golf is boring, and for the life of me I cannot comprehend how hitting a ball that isn’t moving, can be the most difficult task on the planet.

About six years ago we were still in the midst of Tiger Woods’ prime. We had just witnessed him winning the British Open on one leg, achieving his 14th career major, and well on his way to the record for the most majors in the history of men’s pro golf. Fast-forward six years later, we’re still waiting on number 15 from Woods, and we’re not getting there any time soon. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: It’s August, I give up

Speaking as a Red Sox fan, I know I have no room to complain. Having seen three World Series titles in a 10-year period, having to watch Boston be one of baseball’s worst teams a couple times is a pain I can stomach. That being said, I know each year when it’s time to start panicking about the direction a season is going (July) and a time to know the season has run  it’s course, and no matter how many times you’ve convinced yourself the team may have a run in them left, the fact is they don’t.

I’ve officially reached that point this year.

This year has been particularly frustrating as in no way did I see this coming. 2012 was different. The moment I heard the name Bobby Valentine, I called fellow Guy, Bryan McBournie and told him that it was time to give up on the 2012 Red Sox. That was in December of 2011. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Ray bans

Like many of you. I too was outraged over the joke of a suspension handed down by one Roger Goodell to Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice last week. Yes, I will clear the air and say that part of my outrage was because I am a Steelers’ fan, we’ll get to that later though.

First off, I get it, players need to be punished for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. Every line of work has a way they want you to conduct yourself, now when that line of work has you in the public eye, actions that may not be punished by other jobs, means that there needs to be an example made of you. I’m not necessarily saying to be fired, though that has happened in TV and radio, but especially in professional sports, fines and suspensions are necessary. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Tony, Tony, Tony …

For those of you not in tune with this slow time of the year in sports, Tony Dungy set the social media world ablaze with his seemingly bland comments about St. Louis Rams’ rookie defensive end Michael Sam. Basically saying he wouldn’t draft the NFL’s first openly gay player due to the distractions it would cause to his team.

This was taken out of context due to Dungy’s outspoken support and willingness to say he would draft or give a second chance to the likes of the rehabilitated Michael Vick, the pious Tim Tebow or the outspoken Johnny Manziel. The media attack on Dungy has been that he would support those players, but not one whose lifestyle went against his own personal beliefs. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Re-spurn of “The King”

Oh, LeBron James. Just as I was starting to get over that narcissistic, self-serving, ego-fueled decision that was “The Decision.” Not because I view it any differently, but because that’s just who I view that as who James is. Then he pulls this one out on us. A completely narcissistic, self-serving, ego-fueled decision, cleverly disguised as an essay to SI to make him look humbled and heading home.

Look, I have no doubt that James understands now that the way he handled things in 2010 was wrong, and he wants the public at large (not just the Miami band-wagoners) to forgive him. Not just because he wants to be viewed as a good guy, but because he knows he’s at the legacy portion of his career. James, just short of 30, no longer has time on his side like he did in 2007 when he reached his first NBA Finals. James has a four to six year window to win as many titles and regain public perception. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: It’s the End of the World Cup as We Know it (and I Feel Fine)

So, the US World Cup team lost to Belgium tonight 2-1 in dramatic fashion (at least I’m told), and now we as a nation can finally stop pretending like we give a crap about soccer. Look, I’m all for unifying as a nation behind a national team, but let’s be realistic, the US has cared exactly three times about soccer: 1. David Beckham coming over to the L.A. Galaxy 2. The 1999 women’s World Cup victory 3. Hope Solo.

OK, so maybe that last one is the only time I’ve cared, but we need to accept that, sure, soccer is inching up in popularity, but mainly it’s for foreign transplants, hipsters and people who want to pretend they’re more knowledgeable in sports than they really are by being able to rattle off names like “Ronaldo” and “Messi.” Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: The Decision 2.0

We are at the four year anniversary of LeBron James’ infamous decision to have “The Decision.” And now that James’ band of front runners in Miami appear to be running out of gas, he’s decided to opt out of the final two years of his contract with the Heat in order to test free agency again.

the rumors are rampant as to where James will end up. Conspiracy theorists have all of Miami’s Big 3 opting out to create room for Carmelo Anthony. Others have him in Chicago, Los Angeles and in some cases, back in Cleveland, where they burned his jerseys. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Hate to say I told you so, wait, no I don’t

Normally I’m not right about a lot of things when it comes to predicting championships in sports, but when I am right, I like to make sure everyone knows that I was.

Folks, it was right here on this very website, that due to a more complete team, I thought we would be in for a good NBA Finals, but the Spurs would win in five games. I was wrong on the account that we were in for a repeat of last year’s thriller, however the Spurs’ total dominance of the Heat was the huge surprise. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Finals, again

Tonight marks Game 3 of the NBA Finals, and so far we’ve had heat/cramp-gate and LeBron James’ redemption song in two epic games that have the series living up to the hype, at least so far. However, what a lot of people are overlooking, is that James has had to be superhuman for nearly all of two games in order for the Heat to be in it, and after four straight trips to the Finals, including an Olympic run in 2012, James may in fact be running close to empty.

This is not to say that he may not have two, possibly three epic performances in him to keep the series interesting, but the supporting cast has simply been mediocre at best, and has required James to carry them to even be remotely close. Continue reading