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Eat My Sports: Playoff?

It’s my obligatory one college football column time of the year! For those of you who’ve cared to follow over the past seven years, you know that I am not a fan of college football. It’s a watered down less-watchable version of what the NFL has to offer. However, I am a fan of the debate and I can at least be conversational about what teams deserve to be where in seedings.

That being said, for those of you who saw who the final four teams were in Sunday’s release of the match-ups for college football’s first playoff, they got it 75% right. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: The fault in our rock stars

Hello again, folks, I’m back from my hiatus. I wasn’t writing because I was lazy or because I was working, but because my wife and I welcomed our first two children on October 6th. Carter Brooks Schools and Jackson Bryan Schools, I’m really sorry about this, but the first column your dad is going to write in your lifetime involves Nickelback.

A few weeks ago the Foo Fighters announced that they were going to be playing a 20-year anniversary show in Northern Virginia/DC. This prompted fellow Guy, Bryan McBournie to ask if I wanted tickets to the July 4th event, and the truth is I was tepid about it. First off, I’m done with big rock concerts, they’re expensive, the beer is warm and $10 a piece, you look like a raging moron if you’re in your 30s and wear a tour t-shirt, its exhausting and I’d rather stay home and listen to an album and have cold, less expensive beer. Secondly, I like the Foo Fighters, but they haven’t gotten me pumped up about them since 1999’s “There Is Nothing Left to Lose.” Being 15 years removed from that, an arena show just didn’t get me all that excited.

Fast-forward a couple weeks later, and the following text thread happens:
McBournie: Dude, there’s a Nickelback Groupon. We should go, drink and talk smack to everyone there.
Side note: McBournie and I do a great Nickelback voice, it really stemmed from Scott Stapp, and eventually sounded like some Creed/Nickelback/Alterbridge/Fuel/The Calling/Pearl Jam hybrid. It’s breathtaking.
Me: Where, when and how much?
McBournie: August 5th, Northern Virginia, $20.
Me: I’m in.
McBournie: I was kidding. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Sports, baby

So, as I let you guys know a few weeks ago, any day now I am expecting to have the first offspring of mine delivered into the world. It’s terrifying, especially since my wife and I will be having two, but equally as terrifying trying to figure out how to raise my kids as Red Sox and Steelers fans.

Why are those two important? Well, as a Knicks fan in basketball, and that being my third favorite sport, it wouldn’t crush me if they ended up Pacers, Bulls or Lakers fans. The Knicks suck, and I acknowledge this. And while I am a Rangers fan in hockey, let me put it lightly in guessing that the last hockey game I watched was somewhere circa 2008.

I was not raised in sports fandom. My Dad never cared about pro sports and my Mom’s side of the family were always passive fans, and that led me to find my passion for the MLB and NFL all on my own. That being said, I’d like to establish some fan lineage in the Schools line, in order to all root for the same teams and have something in common. This is a lot easier now, because when I grew up, being a Red Sox fan meant a lifetime of pain. Now, it means expecting a parade, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

Anywho, I’ve established the beginnings of my kids and I having a bond by getting them Steelers and Red Sox baby clothing, pacifiers and bottles. This means when these kids see photos of them starting at a young age, they will have it instilled in their mind that this is what they were born to be, fans of these franchises. And if they’re not, well, we’ll have to figure out something else to bond over, just hopefully not the ravens or New York Yankees …

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Eat My Sports: deactivated

With the NFL these days, it’s hard to tell whether you want to watch it, or turn it off for good. While the Ray Rice situation may have made us thought we had reached the bottom of the barrel, Adrian Peterson has reminded us that things can always get worse.

I got spanked as a kid, and probably because I deserved it. But the thing that everyone kept bringing up since Friday, and I totally agree with: spanking is one thing, beating your kid until there is blood and scars is another.

Peterson, I believe, more so than Rice, deserves to be banned from the league. Because while Rice has an isolated incident, we are seeing a pattern I from Peterson that is having him abuse multiple children and it is being tolerated by the Vikings by allowing him to play. Rice got his judgement, then was given double jeopardy by the league, but Peterson is being allowed to skate, simply because a video doesn’t exist.

If Roger Goodell doesn’t step up now to make an example, he may as well step down, because he’s saying you can be held accountable for beating your wife, but not your children.

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Eat My Sports: NFL kickoff

You guys get it? I made a NFL pun and an Antonio Brown joke in the same headline!

OK, let’s go ahead and address some things from the get go:
-Any Dallas Cowboy fantasy owners, beware.
-There’s one elite defense left, and it rhymes with “Mehawks.”
-Peyton Manning is 14TD behind Brett Favre (congrats, Brett, for the first time in four years, you’ve made my column).
-It’s going to be a long year in Baltimore.
-if Week 1 is any indicator, comebacks will be the story in 2014.

Week 1 is always the fun part of the year, it’s the classic overreaction to every win and loss, and hey, even if you lost, you’re team is taking the long way to 15-1.

A few teams should go ahead and put panic mode into full throttle, and that’s Dallas, Washington and Baltimore. The Giants looked bad, but they at least played competent football for a half. The Skins looked like they had never played on offense together, and Dallas looked like a defeated team from the beginning. It’s going to be a rough year in the NFC East.

The Ravens, as many of you know have had the worst kind of week. All the negative media attention and heading into a rivalry game in a short week in a prime time game. The Ravens helped put themselves in this situation for the Ray Rice matter, but you can’t imagine that things are going to get much better in Maryland. It looks like crab cakes are the only thing they’ll be doing.

It’ll be fun for us to head into Week 2 knowing that there are some glaring things we need to take a look at, but maybe Brown will give us a kick start on Thursday night.

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Eat My Sports: Fantasy Football and twins

For those of you who I have not made aware of on this weekly column, my wife and I are expecting our first two boys at literally any time between now and the beginning of Febtober.

I know what you’re thinking, Rick was the original Guy with the odds in favorite in the baby making department, pulse he had a solid year and a half of marriage on us. But like the team that blindsides the champion, I took over Rick’s place as the first Guy to spawn offspring.

My timing though, could not have been more problematic. You see, while my wife may not give a crap about fantasy football or what “PPR” stands for, the final month of our pregnancy has been during draft season. Now fortunately, we’ve had some accommodating friends help us along the way, but this has been a giant pain to juggle.

How do I feel about breast feeding versus formula?

Should I draft LeSean McCoy or Jamaal Charles?

Huggies or Pampers?

Backup QB in the 10th round, or sure up my WR depth.

This has been my past month!

And while, yes, it is my own doing. One man, three fantasy leagues and two twins on the way, I wish this on no one.

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Eat My Sports: Manziel, number one

Easily the most polarizing figure in sports aside from one LeBron James, Johnn Manziel has been captivating, frustrating and entertaining. Last night he was in Washington D.C. to let everyone know he had arrived.

Now, aside from a few minor snafus, Manziel has largely kept quiet, okay, maybe just quiet on the field. But with one gesture towards the Redskins sideline last night, Manziel lit an even bigger fire under his own media storm. Yes, Manziel flipped the bird to the Redskins, saying that he’s been having to listen to defenders talk him up and down for weeks.

This kid is going to fail fantastically. If Manziel can’t handle the pressure of a game and a half of talking from the likes of the Redskins’ and Lions’ defense, then the talk of his maturity and why so many teams passed over him before the Browns traded back up to pick him, were right. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Major Disappointment

Those of you that read this, and from what I can tell, it’s not enough for my day job yet, know that I don’t talk about golf that often. Why, you ask? For the most part golf is boring, and for the life of me I cannot comprehend how hitting a ball that isn’t moving, can be the most difficult task on the planet.

About six years ago we were still in the midst of Tiger Woods’ prime. We had just witnessed him winning the British Open on one leg, achieving his 14th career major, and well on his way to the record for the most majors in the history of men’s pro golf. Fast-forward six years later, we’re still waiting on number 15 from Woods, and we’re not getting there any time soon. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: It’s August, I give up

Speaking as a Red Sox fan, I know I have no room to complain. Having seen three World Series titles in a 10-year period, having to watch Boston be one of baseball’s worst teams a couple times is a pain I can stomach. That being said, I know each year when it’s time to start panicking about the direction a season is going (July) and a time to know the season has run  it’s course, and no matter how many times you’ve convinced yourself the team may have a run in them left, the fact is they don’t.

I’ve officially reached that point this year.

This year has been particularly frustrating as in no way did I see this coming. 2012 was different. The moment I heard the name Bobby Valentine, I called fellow Guy, Bryan McBournie and told him that it was time to give up on the 2012 Red Sox. That was in December of 2011. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Ray bans

Like many of you. I too was outraged over the joke of a suspension handed down by one Roger Goodell to Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice last week. Yes, I will clear the air and say that part of my outrage was because I am a Steelers’ fan, we’ll get to that later though.

First off, I get it, players need to be punished for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. Every line of work has a way they want you to conduct yourself, now when that line of work has you in the public eye, actions that may not be punished by other jobs, means that there needs to be an example made of you. I’m not necessarily saying to be fired, though that has happened in TV and radio, but especially in professional sports, fines and suspensions are necessary. Continue reading