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Eat My Sports: Become what you hate

Any of you that have been reading me for a while know that I am an avid Steelers fan. Like fellow Guy, Bryan McBournie, I understand what it’s like to root for one of the most hated teams in the league, largely because they are successful (but at least the Steelers don’t cheat to win postseason games). However today I heard the news that Pittsburgh had signed one of the most dynamic and hated athletes of all-time, Michael Vick. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Oh, that Bobby Triple Sticks

When you live in my world, you pay attention to a lot of football. But the worst part of my world is that unfortunately, in Richmond, VA, people give a crap way too much about the Washington Redskins. This also means that every time there is a chance for the local media to pile on Redskins quarterback RobertGriffinRobertGriffinRobertGriffin, I have to hear it get overanalyzed for weeks on end.

Now, in a lot of scenarios I tend to side with the athlete, given that if there is nothing for someone to write or talk about, they need to overblow certain stories just to keep the content going. But in the case of Griffin, he’s done this to himself. Between his “Operation Patience” campaign against the Shanahan regime, his war against Jay Gruden last year and his incredibly narcissistic approach to social media, Griffin deserves every media onslaught coming at him. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: The Redskins are here, but you aren’t

Welcome to August, folks. Yes, this is the month where we pretend that football is back by acknowledging that pre-season football exists and having fantasy football drafts. For me, however, the end of July and beginning of August means that the Washington Redskins come uninvited into my hometown of Richmond, VA.

You see, sometime godknowswhenago, someone decided that a team that says they’re based in Washington, D.C., but plays in Maryland, should be the unofficial team of Virginia. How this happened, I don’t know, because depending on where in the state you live, you’re actually closer to the Carolina Panthers or Tennessee Titans. MEDIOCRITY!

Me, I grew up a Steelers fan because as a kid, my best friend’s family was from Pittsburgh. So I would joijn them at the local Steelers bar on Sundays and watch the games. I got sucked in because of culture, not some bs geography. Well, a few years ago, the Redskins/Virginia affiliation culminated into the genius idea that they should have their training camp in our city. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: I’ll See You in Court!

To no one’s surprise today, the NFL upheld it’s four game suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the never, freaking, ending, still improperly named, Deflategate, scandal. Brady is having the NFLPA file an injunction while he takes moral authority leader, Roger Goodell, to court for what he believes is an unjust suspension. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Spurned

The San Antonio Spurs have done it again, folks! After 16 years of relevancy and five titles, San Antonio has finally become a marquee destination for free agents.

Why? That’s what winning will get you.

Who did it get them? LaMarcus Aldridge and David West (West taking 90% less than offers from other clubs strictly to win a title. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports : Wilson WILSON!!!!

While most of you were once again pretending that you care about soccer (side note: I don’t pretend, I’m all in for it because of Alex Morgan and Hope Solo) the rest of the world has been buzzing about the impending NBA free agency period that begins at midnight and the contract status of one Russell Wilson.

Recent reports have that Wilson and hi agent want him to become the highest paid player in the league. Well, that’s all fine and dandy until you realize that $25 million is a significant portion of the 2015 cap of $143 million. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Most Valuable Loser

I’ve been up front these past couple months in letting people know that my opinion of LeBron James has changed. I didn’t think it could after “The Decision,” but his run through The Finals has made me a believer in him again. That being said, I don’t like the narrative of him being The Finals’ MVP, that wave started when Cleveland started to realize that the series might be a lost cause.

My opinion is that the MVP needs to come from the winning team, plain and simple. It seems the Cavs though, need James to get the MVP as some sort of consolation prize if they end up losing. It’s sad that it’s come off this way, as his performance, people will not forget, however it stinks of desperation after I thought the Cavs were better than that as an organization. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: A King’s Redemption

Those of you that read EMS know that I haven’t been the biggest fan of LeBron James over the past five years. Once he announced he was spurning Cleveland in order to take his talents to South Beach, it left a sour taste for just about anyone who has ever been a fan of James. Unless, of course, you were a bandwagon Miami Heat fan.

James’ return to Cleveland I initially viewed as him once again, joining a front running team with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love to re-create what he had done four years prior. Now, without the injured Love and Irving, James is having to drag a team of misfits to the title, and he’s earning back all the respect he lost in the process.

There is no reason Cleveland should be in this series against Golden State, none. But because of James playing out of his mind hero ball, heading into tonight’s Game 3, they’re a LBJ missed field goal away from being up 2-0 on the best team in the league.

It’s mind boggling how he has this team fighting for a championship, but what’s also more impressive is he is re-building his case of being better than Michael Jordan in the process. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Lack of appeal

Robert Kraft made one of the most logical decisions in recent NFL history today. His dropping of the appeal of the NFL’s $1 million fine as well as the loss of draft picks simply saved the Patriots as well as the NFL a public dragging out of what has been one of the most embarrassing and drawn out controversies in recent years.

Do I know the particulars of the conversation Kraft had with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but I imagine it went something like this:
Kraft: You have no basis or scientific proof that we did anything.
Goodell: You’re really going to try and convince me and the public that the term “deflate” is used around your team as weight loss?
Kraft: Uh …
Goodell: You look bad enough as is. Drop it because you and I both know that your team was willingly breaking a little known rule.
Kraft: But science …
Goodell: Let it go. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Brady bunch of balls

The most important thing in sports this week was revolving around a game that happened four months ago. That’s right, Tom Brady and his ball preference were the center of the universe as the world waited for the suspension and punishment to be handed down. Now, before you start groaning, Bryan McBournie and Pats fans, the punishment fit the crime.

The Patriots of New England have been known for years to be pushing the boundaries of NFL rules, this time the team got caught for violating them. Now, I’m of the belief that if Brady and the team had just been honest at the beginning and  said “OK, you got me!” this whole issue would’ve been dead a long, long time ago, that’s right, a reaaaaaaal long time ago. Continue reading