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Eat My Sports: Lack of appeal

Robert Kraft made one of the most logical decisions in recent NFL history today. His dropping of the appeal of the NFL’s $1 million fine as well as the loss of draft picks simply saved the Patriots as well as the NFL a public dragging out of what has been one of the most embarrassing and drawn out controversies in recent years.

Do I know the particulars of the conversation Kraft had with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but I imagine it went something like this:
Kraft: You have no basis or scientific proof that we did anything.
Goodell: You’re really going to try and convince me and the public that the term “deflate” is used around your team as weight loss?
Kraft: Uh …
Goodell: You look bad enough as is. Drop it because you and I both know that your team was willingly breaking a little known rule.
Kraft: But science …
Goodell: Let it go. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Brady bunch of balls

The most important thing in sports this week was revolving around a game that happened four months ago. That’s right, Tom Brady and his ball preference were the center of the universe as the world waited for the suspension and punishment to be handed down. Now, before you start groaning, Bryan McBournie and Pats fans, the punishment fit the crime.

The Patriots of New England have been known for years to be pushing the boundaries of NFL rules, this time the team got caught for violating them. Now, I’m of the belief that if Brady and the team had just been honest at the beginning and  said “OK, you got me!” this whole issue would’ve been dead a long, long time ago, that’s right, a reaaaaaaal long time ago. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Don’t Blink

Beginning last Thursday started the craziest 72 hours I can ever remember in sports. Between the NFL Draft, NBA playoffs and the fight on Saturday, it was a whirlwind like you’ve never seen. However, if you missed the Spurs/Clippers Game 7, you missed probably the best playoff game in roughly 30 years since the classic Lakers/Celtics Finals of the 90s.

It was the game you didn’t want to end. The fourth quarter had so many heroes and so many momentum switches that literally I could’ve watched them play another 48 minutes. Tim Duncan and Chris “Cliff” Paul were willing their teams to victory. Every clutch shot or play that needed to be made was. Every shot that looked to impossible to go in did. And in the end it took a miracle shot from Paul with one second left that was the difference. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: This is what it’s like when worlds collide

I try to view myself as an even keeled person when it comes to sports and relevant social commentary. Yes, I’m aware enough of world events where I can splice in a few jokes about the world and have it tie in with whatever NFL or MLB topic I’m going over that week.

This week is different. Over the past week, the worlds of sports and social issues came together in some ways we have seen, and some ways we have never seen before, so here goes nothing.

The Bruce gender issue

Like a lot of people, last Friday I watched the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC. Yes, part of it is because my wife watches E! every day, and I was forced to, after she’s seen just about every Kardashian show and subsequent spinoff since its inception, but also out of curiosity on a societal issue that we honestly don’t know that much about and the issue was about to get it’s most famous face.

The Jenner gender change is unique, especially from a generational perspective because there are two types of people that know him. The first, is the older generation that remember him as the greatest athlete alive, the epitome of physical fitness and really at one point was pretty much the man that a lot of men wanted to be. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Return to Fenway South

For those of you that pay attention to what happens in our personal lives, here at SG, you know that two very significant events happened to us last year. To go in the order of sequence of events, Bryan McBournie got married in June, then in October, my wife and twin boys in October. As the best man at his wedding, his alleged wife got us tickets to go see the $%&^ show that was the Boston Red Sox in a late season matchup at Camden Yards. Well as luck would have it, my plot to get away was thwarted as my wife was told she might have an early delivery. I was put in a dilemma, I knew if I stayed, nothing would happen, if I went, I would get a phone call as the first pitch was being delivered letting me know to book it back to Richmond.

I caved. As much as I love baseball, my kids were more important and I had to cancel (now I get to hold it over their heads for the rest of their lives). Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: MVP, there’s no debate

Anyone that’s even the casual NBA fan has known the debate over the past month: who is the NBA MVP? LeBron James, James Harden, Steph Curry have all pled their case, and all are legit winners, and I don’t think anyone would argue if any of them were named MVP, however the clear cut winner resides in Oklahoma City.

I’ve been a reluctant believer in Russell Westbrook since he came into the league. I viewed often that he’s been a detractor to his team, that Kevin Durant has really carried him, well, since Durant went down for the year, it’s clear that Durant has been holding him back, and Westbrook has been carrying the Thunder. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Coach 5K

Let me be on the record for saying that I can’t stand Duke. No, it’s not because of their five national championships in college basketball, it’s not because of Coach K, it’s because of their fans. You see, if someone is a Duke fan, you can almost always count on them to be a fan of the Yankees, Lakers and Cowboys. You know, the most annoying fan bases of all-time ho like to end any sports argument with “yeah, but look at the rings.” So while I’m impressed with the way Coach K has won five championships in three different era of college basketball, I hate the fact that he’s given those double-popped collar fans something else to yell about. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Straight to the Moon

Seven years ago I was on one of my visits up to Alexandria, VA to hang out with fellow Guy Bryan McBournie. It was going to be a usual weekend, a viewing or two of “Anchorman,” some Jack Daniel’s and cycling through the shows we had watched a few years prior in college. We decided on a whim to test the waters and go see Will Ferrell’s latest movie “Semi-Pro.” Ferrell had run a streak of three classics for me, “Anchorman,” “Talladega Nights” and “Blades of Glory” (I pretend that “Bewitched” and “Kicking and Screaming” didn’t happen) so we thought, realistically, how bad could it be?

I’m not sure if it was the fact that maybe we should’ve waited until later on in the day due to our massive headaches and desire to do anything but move, but Jackie Moon and his “love me sexy” movie was literally one of the worst things I thought I had ever seen. My only funny memory of it was Moon wrestling a live bear, and Andre 3000 and Tim Meadows calling people “jive turkeys.” Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: You’re into college basketball? How very hipster of you

Admit it, none of you cared about NCAA basketball until last Thursday. I don’t care how many stats or players you can rattle off now that you’ve done the bare minimum amount of research to fill out a bracket. You did not know who any of these teams or people were (outside of UVA and Kentucky) until you had to.

The most annoying part of March mental illness is that it makes the most casual basketball fan into your local area hipster. You know, the guy with the beard and snow cap at your local area craft beer bar that judges and has an opinion on everything. “Oh, you drink Sam Adams, it was great before they sold out. Now let me tell you something about Georgia State’s three point shooting this year.” Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: What the NFL?

For those of you who are football junkies, today was the beginning of the 2015 NFL year for you, and good lord, this was not what anyone expected.

The first moves had been reported Ndamukong Suh signed with the Dolphins, making him the highest paid non-quarterback in league history. Two years after the Mike Wallace disaster, this makes the Dolphins the dumbest non-Oakland/Cleveland/Jacksonville team in the league.

The Ravens, not learning from the Ray Rice disaster of one year ago lost Torrey Smith to the 49ers and traded Haloti Ngata to the Lions, making the Lions feel remotely better they didn’t overpay a guy more famous for fines about kicking people in the groin than his actual play. Continue reading