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Eat My Sports: Playoffs?

The NBA regular season has dwindled down to its last few games and once again the Western Conference will field a team that won nearly 50 games, and have them not make the playoffs. Meanwhile, the NCAA Division .5A, otherwise known as the Eastern Conference will have a team that finished at .500 or below make the playoffs for the seventh consecutive year.

The balance of power between the two conferences has been uneven pretty much since Michael Jordan’s Bulls finished their second threepeat in 1998. And this year has brought about the topic that the NBA and their new commissioner seriously needs to consider, playoff realignment. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Just when you thought it was safe

Redskin fans, you thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse than having Dan Snyder as your owner. You thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse than facing the realization that Rex Grossman was your best option at QB a few years ago. You thought it couldn’t get any worse than having a washed up Larry Johnson, Willie Parker AND Shaun Alexander in your backfield. Then Mike Shanahan traded away all those picks for one Bob Griffin the third.

You see, the quarterbacks who “get it” learn from down seasons. Cam Newton spring-boarded a me-first 2012 campaign into having the Panthers be among the most feared teams in the league. Ben Roethlisberger turned a suspension into a Super Bowl appearance for the Steelers. What did Griffin do with his offseason after turning in a putrid 2013 season in which he regressed? He worked with Adidas on creating a RG3 logo. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Next Up

The big hoopla going around with almost everyone I know on social media has been that this week was the end of the nine-year run of “How I Met your Mother.” Let me preface all of this by saying that I really don’t care how he met his kids’ mother, I watched half of the first season, and while the show used to kill a half an hour before Monday Night Football after college, it didn’t fit my mold of necessary viewing. However, for those that did, they’re either wildly ticked off or just slightly disappointed in how the show ended. And for some, rightfully so, they’re depressed that the show is gone because they got to live their 20s and 30s with this group and could identify with the same life experiences. I get it, I felt the same way when “ALF” went off the air.

Now, some people, including someone who writes for The Guys, views the loss of “How I Met Your Mother” as something far more grave than that roughly a decade of your life has had a chapter end, for them it means the end of sitcoms that are worth watching. But for those who feel that way, there’s a debate against it. Chances are there is already a show on the air now that we will lament as the lost art of the sitcom when it goes off the air in a few years. Why? Because sometimes we don’t realize that greatness has been staring us in the eyes for a while until it’s about to go away. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Wa-who?

With the Sweet 16 already set for next weekend’s slate of games for the NCAA Tournament, one of the nice (I hate calling it this) surprises, has been that, so far, UVA has lived up to the billing of being a number one seed. A number one should be expected to make the final 16 teams standing, yet UVA has received the most criticism of any number one seed in recent memory.

The amazing thing about UVA is that they are making this run, without a dominant player. The ACC regular season and tournament champions did not boast one single player on the All-ACC First Team. They don’t have anyone on their squad that can boast the individual talents of the ousted likes of Jabari Parker or Anndrew Wiggins. Yet, here UVA is, out of obscurity, ready to challenge  for a title.

You might ask, how? Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: March Madness and your illegal gambling habits

Welcome back whatever few faithful readers I have! For my hiatus I was in the frozen tundra of Rochester, NY, which as we approached Spring, still had the ability to drop almost 17 inches of snow. So my escape back home for the beginning of Spring, has me at the beginning of March Madness, which if you’re in VA right now, is really exciting given the our state has two top-25 teams and one of the coveted four number one seeds.

Aside from it being an exciting time, this also means that your illegal office pools have no doubt started making their way around your respective offices. Now, states and the government have recognized that this is a form of illegal gambling, depending on how much the entry fee is, yet still refuse to impose any consequences for it. So this begs the question, if we have a nationwide occurrence, that is recognized by our government as  being illegal, yet the government refuses to do anything about said illegalities, why the hell is it illegal to begin with? Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: A change you never asked for and a change that needs changing

As we are finally getting towards the end of the doldrums of the sports year, this is typically the time when we are stretching to find any news to report on. We could talk about the NFL Combine, but as big of NFL fans as we are, we don’t care. We could talk about yet another New York athlete getting busted for felony gun possession, but that is so 2009. So I’ve decided to tackle two rule changes being proposed in the NBA and NFL, because, well, for February 25, it’s the best we can come up with.

First off, the NBA is considering proposing a four-point line. That’s right, you read it, A FOUR-POINT LINE. Now, unlike the three-pointer, which seemed necessary, after a layup got you the same as a 23-foot jumper, a four-point line doesn’t need to be there. We are one step away from going back to the MTV days and having Queen Latifa shoot for the highest hoop. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Don’t let it go to your Mount Rushmore head

Last week, due to it being a slow news week, the NFL being done and the Winter Olympics being a massive dud thus far, someone decided to ask LeBron James who he would have on his mythical Mount Rushmore of NBA players. Now, instead of Mr. James just answering the question and moving on about his day, he made two key mistakes. One, he ended it by saying that he would be on it by the time he’s done (so humble) and two, he left off the winningest player in NBA history, Bill Russell.

Now, first off, let me say that these Mount Rushmore sports discussions are stupid. They’re comparing they’re athletic ability to men who actually led our country, and think that people would care enough to carve their face into a mountain. It’s a played out discussion that has no legs and just gives ESPN something to fill about 15 minutes worth of airtime per whatever show they have. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: Legacy edition

Like many of you, I watched the Super Bowl this year. And also, like many of you, was completely shocked at how thoroughly Denver was beaten in every facet of the game. But the outcome was more severe for one Peyton Manning than anyone else. I’ve written a few times over the past year about how if he was able to pull off the victory, no matter how well or badly he played, it was secure his place as the greatest quarterback of all-time. And while a future victory might secure that title, after Sunday’s loss, Manning is the greatest regular season QB to play the game, just not the most clutch. Unfortunately for Manning, the two need to be combined when you are looking at the complete body of work.

As of Sunday, my QB Top 10 list looks like this.
1. Joe Montana
2. Tom Brady
3. Peyton Manning
4. Brett Favre
5. Dan Marino
6. Terry Bradshaw
7. Johnny Unitas
8. John Elway
9. Troy Aikman
10. Ben Roethlisberger

For Manning, it has seemed like in the past two Super Bowl losses, the mounting expectations for him to be the best has simply rattled him. And you could tell after the botched snap for the safety on the first offensive play, he knew what kind of night he was in for. As for the list, Brady gets the leg up because of the hardware and because of him being a touchdown machine pretty much since 2007. You just can’t ignore Manning’s epic failures in big spots anymore, and at 37, and the most postseason losses by any QB, ever, there isn’t much more of an argument. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: I was right edition

We’re reaching the end of another season of Roger Goodell’s circus going into the books, and for those of you who read this column, I like to predict who will actually come out on top in a little game in February known as the Super Bowl.

But before we go any further, let’s clarify a few things:
1) I will not be making any marijuana jokes in this column, I have a HIGHER sports IQ than that. However, as annoyed as I have been at people ranting that the two states that legalized your right to order a Cheetos pizza are in the Super Bowl, those lambasting those who support it have been equally as annoying. So therefore, I want both sides to shut up, we get it.
2) Seahawks’ fans and even some of the media are hyping up the angle that no one knew who they were, and that outside of Seattle, no one pays attention to the Seahawks. OK, geniuses, we started paying attention after you went 7-9 and beat the Saints in the playoffs a few years ago. We’ve been paying attention for two years with your stud second-year quarterback lighting up the NFL. We paid attention when you took out Washington in the playoffs last year and went toe-to-toe with Atlanta. You’re not ignored, anyone that even owns a copy of Madden knows that the Seahawks have had a decent roster for years. Get over it.
3) I was right. Continue reading

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Eat My Sports: U mad, bro?

OK, so I want to be the first person on the internet to talk about this. I know many of you may not have caught Sunday’s epic NFC Championship Game between Seattle and San Francisco, and probably even fewer of you caught Richard Sherman’s interview with Erin Andrews after the game.

For those of you who did not see, All-World cornerback Richard Sherman, who had been thrown at only once prior to the game ending play, was covering 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree. Colin Kaepernick tried to test Sherman, who tipped the ball for a Seattle interception, game over. Continue reading