Eat My Sports: So now what?

We are now in the worst part of the year for sports, the post-Super Bowl hangover where we as a viewing public realize “holy ####, I have to pretend to care about the NBA, hockey and college basketball.”

This, ladies and gentlemen is known as sports purgatory.

Baseball doesn’t start for two months and we are forced in to having Sports Center have top-10 highlight reels of basketball assists. Now, don’t get me wrong, I will get into basketball when the time is appropriate, but the NBA regular season is about 50 games too long, I really can’t sit myself down to watch a slate of games until June. I just don’t understand how a sport that can be played in all four seasons of a calendar year.

Hockey has its moments as well, but by and large the sport is about as entertaining as listening to someone read the dictionary.

Which brings us now to college basketball. March Madness specifically. You know, the one time out of the year where betting on sports nationwide is legal, because, you know, putting $20 in an office pool is legit and doesn’t make you a degenerate gambler. But even that glorious time of year is still over a month away.

So, what is my suggestion? On Sundays run Madden demos and pretend the sports world is still up and running. Because if your highlight of the next two months is Dwight Howard getting an alley-oop from a 40-year old Canadian point guard, it’s gonna be a long couple of months.

Eat My Sports: That sucked something super

For those of you with First World problems, you may hve watched a little game known as the Super Bowl this past Sunday. And putting my Pittsburgh bias aside (kind of) and looking at the game objectively (I still think Ray Lewis should be in jail) the game from top to bottom just, plain, sucked. A lot.

I mean really sucked.

Everyone knows by now that the Super Bowl isn’t a game, it’s a week long event that the government should just go ahead and grant us an additional holiday for. But when you’re evaluating the event as a whole, you need to factor in pre-game coverage, commercials, actual game and halftime show. Continue reading Eat My Sports: That sucked something super

Eat My Sports: Running with purpose

If any of you have been paying attention to the NFL this season, you know one thing, it’s been a year for comebacks. Peyton Manning of course has been the big story, but one Adrian Peterson has been the most remarkable.

We are still under a year from seeing Peterson crippled on FedEx Field in Marylans, and with Peterson on pace to break the single season rushing mark, watching him play this season has been absolutely amazing, and watching him run wit purpose and determination is something you don’t get a whole lot anymore in sports. Continue reading Eat My Sports: Running with purpose

Eat My Sports: Fire man, Ed

For those of you who pay attention to sports superfans, and let’s face it, who isn’t? New York Jets crazy man Fireman Ed has decided to hang it up. You know, the same man who leads those ridiculously annoying “J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!” chants. And I’m all for teaching our youth how to spell, Mr. Ed, but the same word every week? Well, you were overdue a long time ago to get the hell out of New Jersey.

The thing that has bothered me the most about hombre de fuego Ed recently has been his rampant support of all that is wrong with New York, Mark Sanchez. Ed represented every variation of the much-maligned Jets’ QB over the past four seasons, even though his quarterback has gone from rookie, to crappy sophomore, to “OK, I have a handle on the offense, cut me loose. Wait, no, I still suck,” to “I make Tim Tebow look goooooooooood.” And when your number one fan supports your number one reason you lose blindly, well, that means its time to hang up the hat. Continue reading Eat My Sports: Fire man, Ed

Eat My Sports: Fantasy non-football

This week marked a black mark on fantasy football’s pristine face. Yahoo!’s fantasy football site, including their mobile apps went down Sunday starting around 12 noon, leaving multiple fantasy owners (including our own Rick Snee) out of luck, and costing some teams (including our own Rick Snee) a game when the fantasy season was down to five games and playoff positioning is vital.

Yahoo! Has issued a statement of apology for the matter, but quite frankly, it’s not good enough. While most people have their rosters set by Thursday night, a lot of people make adjustments on Sunday based off the  early games, injury reports, game time decisions and just plain intuition fueled by Miller Lite. Continue reading Eat My Sports: Fantasy non-football

Eat My Sports: Not the greatest

So today is the day where we get back the sport that makes it seem as if the MLB season is too short, basketball. Tonight’s showdown between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics wil begin with the Heat having their ring ceremony and handing LeBron James his first (not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven) championship ring. And while everyone is saying that this is the beginning of him basically owning the next 10 titles, let’s hold off before just handing out the greatest ever title.

James won his only championship in a strike shortened season. You know what other team was able to accomplish that but never won again? The Atlanta Braves. A strike shortened season had the Heat, a very young team, playing every other night, and these guys had the gas to do it. But veteran teams like the the Celtics and Lakers had their teams finally break down at the end of the year because of the rigorous schedule. The time to gameplan was taken away. Continue reading Eat My Sports: Not the greatest

Eat My Sports: The one where we talk about Lance Armstrong again

Yes, we know. McBournie already gave you his opinion on this yesterday, and now I’m here for mine. And my opion on the whole Lance Armstrong getting dropped from Nike, banned from cycling amid all these allegations is this: I don’t care.

Cycling is about as boring as it gets when it comes to sports. A bunch of dudes wearing tights pushing a couple wheels around doesn’t get anyone really going. It never did, until Armstrong came back from being almost dead and won seven Tour de France titles in a row. And guess what? No one has given a crap about the sport ever since. Continue reading Eat My Sports: The one where we talk about Lance Armstrong again

Eat My Sports: The new ‘what the hell?’ NFL

Welcome back kids, and say hello to the new bizarro NFL! That’s right step right up and see that the NFC West is being led by the 4-2 Arizona Cardinals, see that 3-3 earns you a tie for first AND last place in the AFC East! It’s a bold new strange world, and I would say get used to it, if it wasn’t an annomily.

Consider this as an example, last year the Steelers, Packers and Patriots went a combined 40-8. This year, and I’m guessing the Mayans might have something to do with this, those same three teams are 8-9. Three of the most steady franchises over the past decade plus, can’t get a pulse on what’s going on, and we’re having annual jokes like the Cardinals and Texans enjoying a string of success to start the year off. Continue reading Eat My Sports: The new ‘what the hell?’ NFL