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News flash: Your job drives you to drink

If you drink heavily, it’s time to blame it on your boss, if you weren’t already.

According to a new study, the more hours you work per week, the more likely you will drink heavily. Researchers looked at thousands of people in 11 different countries, and basically, they found out what we already know: alcohol is the great uniter.

Also, slurring our complaints about work is something we all do.

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Drinking really does solve your problems

As you head back to work this week, you may find yourself hitting a wall on a project with no solution in sight. Science says you should get a good buzz going.

Research has shown that if your BAC is around 0.8%, your problem-solving skills go up, plus your day goes by faster. Smart people in Europe have released a beer they call “The Problem Solver.” The IPA comes in a bottle that looks to be the size of a bomber, and even has scales on the label to see how much you need to drink to reach that perfect level.

Have you had your beer this morning?

(h/t Meredith)

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Scientists put rats in lingerie

Men and rats have more in common than we would like to admit. For example, both like it when females wear lingerie.

Scientists, whom we’re just guessing are male, sought to investigate why men like it when women wear lingerie. Logically, they decided to put a lady rat in a little rat vest, then put her in a cage with a male rat for some mating. They found that the male learned to associate the female rat wearing the vest with mating.

That might mean that men have grown to like lingerie because they know they’re getting some when they see their women wearing it. Not because the ladies look good.

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Breaking news: Trans fat are STILL bad for you

How Paula Deen forgot that the n-word isn't a go these days is now explained.
How Paula Deen forgot that the n-word isn’t a go these days is now explained.

Approximately 10 or so years ago, science broke the news that trans fat, that which is in just about everything that’s not good for you, was not good for you. People were shocked! Did this mean their french fries shouldn’t be eaten in mass quantities?! Was eating an entire package of Oreos a … gasp … bad thing?

The answer to these questions was yes. As such, food companies made numerous and public proclamations that they’d change the ingredients of their food. No more would they use trans fat, but instead a different kind of fat. It was essentially using a slightly shinier pile of poo.

Now, science has come back to us, stating to the masses that trans fat is still bad, just this time around, they might be screwing up your memory. This is literally niche news, as it affects the percentage of people who didn’t give up their snack sticks of butter. Perhaps upon seeing the headline, they’ll rethink their choices. The study tells us otherwise, as in 5 minutes, the news will be literally forgotten in lieu of getting another butter snack stick.

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You kiss your mother with that bacteria?

"Achtung, baby. Wanna raise your IQ a few points (presuming that bacteria has anything to do with it)?"
“Achtung, baby. Wanna raise your IQ a few points (presuming that bacteria has anything to do with it)?”

Taking a break from their perpetual contact high, Dutch scientists examined kissing. And they found that your average 10-second Freedom Kiss can transfer up to 80 million bacteria between participants.

To figure out what transfers most readily from tongue-to-tongue contact, the scientists had one participant from each pair drink a probiotic drink. And, based on the results, they hope to one day use this research to help “design future bacterial therapies and help people with troublesome bacterial problems.”

So, if you don’t like yogurt, you could always try making out with Jamie Lee Curtis.*

*SeriouslyGuys is in no way responsible for what Jamie Lee Curtis’ security does to you for attempting to make out with her.

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The newest weapon in the war on penguins is a rover

It’s seems almost two obvious to state: penguins are one of the greatest threats to our way of life. Their main assault is on our children, with their cuteness and dancing abilities. Now, we can spy on them like never before.

Scientists have created a fake baby penguin that the beasts will accept as their own and record everything on camera. Once it infiltrates the herd, scientists can observe the penguins without scaring them. The more we learn about them, the easier it will be to defeat them.

Right now, it’s basically just a stuffed baby penguin on wheels, but we hope it will soon be outfitted with machine guns.

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Don’t let science take away our fear

"[... The] only thing we have to fear is fear itself, and that fear is what will beat the snot out of the Nazis and anything with more than two legs."
“[… The] only thing we have to fear is fear itself, and that fear is what will beat the snot out of the Nazis and anything with more than two legs.”
The Guys have long been skeptical of science. For instance, if scientists are so sure about their theories and processes, then why do they always wear goggles? What’s the matter, nerds? Not sure how those combustible chemicals really work?

That’s why it’s especially concerning that doctors accidentally removed a man’s natural and necessary fear of spiders while also removing part of his brain that caused his seizures.

Before his surgery, he had arachnophobia, which is what keeps shoe manufacturers and newspaper publishers in business. Afterwards, he reportedly became fascinated by spiders. That’s not good. Fascination is a slippery slope to letting them live, and letting spiders live is how we all get creeped out by them.

He also reportedly became temporarily repulsed by music. Unfortunately, he regained music appreciation before we could find out what “The Itsy-bitsy Spider” would do to him psychologically.

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The fame will kill you

Good news, everyone of our target demographic reading this: you’re going to live longer than Justin Bieber. Miley Cyrus? You’re going to outlive her, too. In fact, every pop music star you can name, you’re going to bury them all.

No, we didn’t hire hit men or anything illegal unethical like that. A recent study found that being a pop star is bad your your health. In fact, it shortens your life expectancy by about 25 years. Mostly, it’s because young people aren’t equipped to handle their sudden rise to stardom, which leads to riskier behavior that is only encouraged as you get more famous.

Enjoy your long life being a nobody.

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Herpes: now with plausible deniability

"Hey, baby. How's about we forget ourselves for a little bit and bump bumps?"
“Hey, baby. How’s about we forget ourselves for a little bit and bump bumps?”

If you’re embarrassed about your case of herpes, don’t worry. In a couple of decades, you’ll forget you ever got them. That’s because the antibodies associated with the herpes simplex virus has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Two separate studies found that herpes may cause 40 to 50 percent of Alzheimer’s cases, although that could be because the people getting herpes already for got to wear a condom or not kiss people whose lips look like Krakatoa.

Paired with today’s earlier news about booze helping your memory in later years — and we all know what happens when you drink: herpes — your chances of retiring with an unimpaired brain are now a wash.