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The best part of waking up

Unless you’re a banker or cheese enthusiast, you’ve probably never felt the urge to travel to Switzerland. After a new cafe opens in Geneva, you may actually consider moving there.

A full-service cafe is in the works for the city, and by “full service,” we mean, “full-service.” Coffee enthusiasts would be able to enjoy their morning cup accompanied by oral sex from the prostitute of their choice. The business plan is sure to keep them coming back. Order your unusually expensive coffee, then select on an iPad the prostitute you want for your new favorite morning ritual. The cafe would be the first of its kind in Switzerland if it is approved.

The down side is that the cafe is sure to have long lines due to slow service.

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Ghost hunters stumble into adult movie

At this point we realize that reality shows are fake, right? Most of them are scripted in some way, and those that aren’t are heavily edited to create drama where there was really just a typical conversation. But things got real for a ghost hunter show veteran recently.

In the U.K., Mike Covell, who has appeared on ghost hunter shows in Europe, was giving a tour of a haunted graveyard — because that’s dedication to bit — when his tour group of 12 stumbled upon a porn scene being filmed in broad daylight. The couple and two-man film crew quickly made a break for it, and the tourists were likely sad that the moans they had heard weren’t supernatural at all.

Play us out, Fishbone!

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Doing it more often gives beetles bigger genitals

If beetles don’t use it, they lose it, according to a recent study.

Male burying beetles have a big incentive to get it on, as the more they do, the bigger their genitalia get, researchers at University of Exeter have found. What’s more, the female of the aptly named beetles also sees an increase in genital size. Literally, the more they do it, the more rapidly their naughty parts develop.

Researchers also found that these traits could then be passed on through the generations. So maybe there’s hope for you after all.

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Science: Your drunk sperm will affect your baby

One of the worst parts about being pregnant, aside from knowing that one day your genitals will explode, is the months on end of sobriety. Sure, the cool doctors say you can have a glass of wine every now and then, but that’s like having a bite of cake while everyone else has their own slice. Turns out that dudes can also negatively affect their unborn children by drinking.

According to researchers at Georgetown University, your drinking behavior may affect your child well before you even get around to making him or her. All that drinking must do something to your swimmers, because there’s mounting evidence that it can increase a baby’s risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

So the new game plan for making a baby is to abstain from alcohol, but get her to drink because she won’t be able to later on, and you know how red wine gets her going.

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Study: Adult movies make you go to church

People who are frightened of things like to say that we’re not as good as we used to be, saying we’re losing our morality. They love to say technology is the cause of this. But it turns out, it may be making us more religious.

According to a recent study, if you watch porn regularly, there’s a good chance you’ll start attending church regularly. This flies in the face of what Bible beaters have been saying as long as there have been Bibles to beat. A survey of about 1,200 people found a connection between viewing frequency and how often they attend religious services. The theory is that the more people watch, the more they feel guilty and seek religion.

So God may be watching you, but he also knows he’ll see you on Sunday.

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Great tits: worth paying attention to

Just one of these in your hand is worth two in the bush. (When birds can express that level of sophisticated thought, then we can say they've mastered language.)
Just one of these in your hand is worth two in the bush. (When birds can express that level of sophisticated thought, then we can say they’ve mastered language.)

We always wondered what it would be like to talk with animals. It turns out that animals can talk, we just didn’t listen. Fortunately, they finally found the only means of communicating that — as women will attest — The Guys will pay attention to: great tits!

Scientists studied the calls of Japanese great tits (with that distinction, we’re obviously talking about birds) and discovered that they use combinations of chirps to convey complicated messages. Basically, they use syntax — grammar and vocabulary — just like people, albeit with far less of each and fewer stupid rules carried over from Latin.

So, we’re now retroactively offended every time a couple of tits refuse to speak English in front of us. You just know they’re squawking something about the tops of our heads.

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Adam and Eve or Steve, not Adam and Fido

Leave it to the Germans to dress the people responsible for deciding what is and isn't OK to have sex with precisely as we'd imagine.
Leave it to the Germany to dress the people responsible for deciding what is and isn’t OK to have sex with precisely as we’d imagine.

Despite conservatives’ hopes and prayers, legalizing gay marriage does not lead to government-sanctioned man-on-turtle relationships. Germany has legally recognized same-sex unions since 2001 and allowed same-sex couples to adopt children since 2004, but the nation’s constitutional court ruled that you still can’t legally f*ck any species but Homo Sapiens.

Sorry, perverts. If you want to get farm-nasty with livestock, you’ll have to go to God’s country: Alabama, Hawaii, Kentucky, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Vermont, West Virginia, or Wyoming.

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Seniors active in the bedroom also active mentally, science says

It turns out that having sex when you’re older can help you fight off dementia, according to a recent study. (We know thinking about old people and sex isn’t a great way to hook you, but this information could come in handy years from now, so read on.)

According to researchers Coventry University in the U.K., people surveyed 50 and 89 who had sex regularly tended to have better cognitive function. In all, more than 6,800 people were surveyed on their sex lives, and given simple memory tests. Both men and women who were sexually active did better on the tests. It’s the strongest evidence yet that you should buy your grandfather the hooker he’s been asking for.

“Science says you have to bang me if you want me to remember you in the morning,” is now an acceptable and true line for you to use when you’re over 50. And there’s nothing wrong with preventative measures if you’re younger.

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Brazil slide-tackles ball cancer heads on

Senhor Testiculo gets a lot of attention being the only Brazilian without a Brazilian.
Senhor Testiculo gets a lot of attention being the only Brazilian without a Brazilian.

Rather than use a metaphorical scrotum of a human being like Lance Armstrong, Brazil went balls out and chose an actual anthropomorphized set of testicles to speak for testicular cancer awareness. And just to really teabag the point home, they named him Senhor Testiculo.

Senhor Testiculo will appear at events on behalf of Brazil’s Association of Personal Assistance for Cancer, posing for pictures and helping convince people to donate to testicular cancer research.

There’s no word if he shaves and then only grows a mustache every November.

Special thanks to Patrick H. for waving this story around in our faces.

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Cruz pulls out of ad with porn actress

This was the safest for work picture we could Google for her. So, obviously, the Cruz campaign didn't even Google her.
This was the safest for work picture we could find for her. So, obviously, the Cruz campaign didn’t even Google her.

In the age of social media, it’s hard to hire anybody who doesn’t have a nude or scandalous picture online somewhere. That said, it should be obvious when they have an IMDb page filled with titles like Timegate: Tales of the Saddle TrampsRadio Erotica and Deviant Whores. Still, the future leader of the free world managed to hire someone with that C.V. for his latest ad.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign cast Amy Lindsay in an ad where people in group therapy talk about their regret of once supporting fellow Sen. Marco Rubio. (We assume she got the role because of her work as Dr. Karin Clemens in 2003’s Insatiable Desires.)

The Cruz campaign stressed that had they “known of her full filmography, we obviously would not have let her appear in the ad.” To be clear, her entire filmography stretches from 1994 to present with entries like Carnal Wishes as recent as 2015.

But, we’re sure that the Cruz administration won’t accidentally put, say, an Al Qaeda operative in charge of the CIA. You know, unless Mr. Bildin al-Bombir hides his past terrorism by including every bombing he helped plan on his LinkedIn account.