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Man bitten by spider on penis for second time this year

If a deadly spider bites you, that’s bad. If a deadly spider bites you on your manhood, that’s really bad. If a deadly spider bites you on your manhood twice, take a hint.

The redback spider, related to the black widow, is one of the deadliest spiders in Australia. So when a man was bitten by one while using a portable toilet back in April, he counted himself as unlucky. But it happened again. The same man, who understandably doesn’t want to give out his full name, was bitten by another redback spider (or maybe the same one) again while using a portable toilet this week. He seems to be recovering just fine, but one had to wonder just what he’s trying to do to these spiders that make them bite him, and if he’s gotten any superpowers as a result. Maybe it’s a Jimmy Kimmel bit.

Also, an important cultural note: if you’re ever in Australia, never, ever sit down on a toilet, they are covering in spiders, and they flush the wrong way, too.

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Citizens call cops, throw water balloons at Pokemon hordes

A sleepy town in Australia has found itself under siege over the past week. Without their consent, their neighborhood has been made into a stop for people playing Pokemon Go.

A park in the town of Rhodes has been swarmed with people playing a game where you look at your phone and walk places. Police had to be called in to evict and arrest people playing the game after residents complained of crowds of people making a ruckus all through the night. Residents even through water balloons at the swarm to ward them off.

The attack is said to have decimated the charizard population.

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War on Robots brings you pizza

The machines know that not all of us will accept them right away. Some of us will need to be convinced. Now they’re getting serious.

In Australia, Domino’s is going to start delivering pizza by robot. Coming soon, Aussies can order a pizza and wait for this Mars rover looking thing show up at their doors with food hot and ready to go. It’s not clear what the next stage of the robots’ plan is after that.

But rest assured, they will find out where you live, and they will buy your trust. Then they will betray you.

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Spiders frame man for domestic abuse

There’s nothing funny about domestic abuse. But there’s also nothing funny about the War on Animals. This is a very serious post.

Just outside Sydney, Australia, police responded to calls from neighbors that there were angry death threats shouted by a man inside an apartment, as well as shrieks of fear in a higher pitch. The man who answered the door denied anything of the sort, despite being out of breath. He even denied that there was a woman in the house in the first place.

As it turns out, the man found a spider in his home, and “a really big one” at that. It was determined that he had been yelling at the spider, as well as screaming like a woman because he was terrified of it.

There is a happy ending to this story, though. The spider was killed.

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Terrible names have terrible repercussions

"Rather than jeopardize your future, little one, I shall give you a non-religious name. You'll thank me when you can speak, Adolf."
“Rather than jeopardize your future, little one, I shall give you a non-religious name. You’ll thank me when you can speak, Adolf.”

Now that we’ve survived Thanksgiving, it’s time for The Guys to focus on our next important holiday: Valentine’s Day. (Sorry, rest of the world, but this is a country founded on religion, not Socialist, secular snowflake-themed coffee cups.) And the last thing we want is for Valentine’s Day to turn out the way it almost did in Ghostbusters II: ruined by the white mother of two tiny, non-Christian gods.

The mother of Odhinn and Isis (the Norse god of two-dimensional eyesight and Egyptian goddess of unfortunately topical names, respectively) was originally denied customized Nutella jars for her demi-offspring. Nutella will print custom labels for jars in Australia — because of course they do — but only if the requested names don’t appear on their no-toast-list.

After much appeasement and gnashing of teeth, Nutella has agreed to honor young Odhinn, but Isis will have to wait until things improve in the Middle East (much like the Palestinians). Her mother will have to make offerings in a nondescript Nutella jar made holy with sacramental Sharpie.

The mother of gods, Heather Taylor, is “really quite upset by this,” which is a traditional Australian warning that her venom sacs are now fully inflated and ready to pump neuro-toxin into Ferrero CEO/kangaroo Craig Barker. “You are actually making my daughter’s name dirty. You are choosing to refuse my daughter’s name in case the public refers to it negatively.”

And this is why you should always name the children sired by gods with simple names, like Tom or Jennifer. Nobody ever killed anyone in the name of Margaret.

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Australian police track mobile picnickers

Australian police are looking out for some dangerous motorists. You probably guessed they let a kangaroo drive, and you’re somehow not thinking weird enough.

Police in Western Australia are looking for a group of men who went cruising around a beach town on two motorized picnic tables. They didn’t hit anyone, they weren’t drinking (although it would make sense if they had been). The “vehicles” aren’t approved for road use, and authorities say the lack of safety clothing means they were a danger to themselves as well as the public.

The smart money is that they left their getaway vehicles in a park.

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Our climate is wallaby darned

Thanks a lot for promoting pseudoscience and your pro-kangaroo agenda, Hollyweird.
Thanks a lot for promoting pseudoscience and your pro-kangaroo agenda, Hollyweird.

The next time that friend who always makes your eyes roll goes on and on about how kangaroo farts are somehow good for us, tell ’em to choke on it.

Yeah, contrary to what well-meaning kangaroo-huffers have been telling us, kangaroo farts are no safer than cow farts. Given the same amount of food, those giant, hopping rats produce the same amount of methane, so we might as well all go back to sucking farts out of cows for our highs.

Next up from science: girls do fart, and it’s worse because periods.

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‘Sick day,’ Australian for ‘hangover’

There’s a disease spreading throughout Australia, and it’s costing the economy billions in lost work hours. The scourge is known as the bottle flu.

According to a recent study, Australian workers miss 11.5 million days of work each year because of hangovers. It’s costing the country US$2.2 billion every year in lost work time. That’s a big increase from about $885.6 million in 2001. This means that Australia is drinking more, but they apparently aren’t able to keep it together.

Fun side note: The study said drinking four drinks or fewer in a sitting is a “low risk level.”

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In some parts of the world, booze is hard to come by

You’re lucky to be a drunk in the U.S. That is, of course, if you’re reading this in the U.S., and a drunk. People who like to bend an elbow don’t have it so lucky in other parts of the world.

In remote parts of Australia, people are using Vegemite to make booze. The spread contains yeast, so desperate Aussies who want a buzz use it to make the Australian equivalent of bathtub gin. This had led to calls to limit Vegemite purchases, which in turn led to a panic to keep Vegemite legal. This is a serious issue.

But not as serious as the situation in Venezuela, where they are slowing beer production because of a shortage of the grains and hops necessary to brew. Understandably, the nation is freaking out.

So enjoy that next sip, you patriotic lush.

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Australia’s sewers are flush with ‘fatbergs’

First, London sewers were plagued by them during the holidays. Now, the threat of fatbergs has down down under.

Authorities in Queensland, Australia are warning people not to flush those disposable wipes that have grown in popularity in recent years. They are teaming up with all the fat and semi-solids one would expect to find in a sewer to create blockages called fatbergs, and they threaten to bring sewers to their knees.

“That’s probably a four-meter screen almost completely covered in wet wipes. [There’s also] a little bit of corn; we always get corn,” said Queensland Urban Utilities worker Steve Gibson.

Of course there’s always corn.