But who will think about the children?

Australia’s $160 million national porn filter? Hacked in 30 minutes by a 16 year old.

It’s ok though. The Australian government is currently in the process of investigating how their top of line software was so easily dismantled–and they have some very encouraging words for parents, too: It doesn’t mean that the whole scheme is not worthwhile, because a lot of kids haven’t cracked it.” Well, not yet at least.

High tech electronic theft, Australian style!

Remember hearing those stories about people stealing PS3s from the lucky few on launch day? Australia, not one to be left out of current social events and issues, recently had a home invasion where the only item taken was a Sony Playstation.

No, there was no extra number attached to the Playstation title. Yes, you read that right-the thieves stole an original Playstation, not a PS2 or PS3.

You know what Australia? You keep trudging along. Eventually you’ll hit the year 2001, big guy.

We’ve got something to tell you:

We’re here to help.

-Daniel Peter Blair, for continuing to do the act that got you stabbed after being stabbed, you should know that you have a problem.

-Women of the world, continuously objectifying we honest and wholesome men with your scandalous looks after we men get blamed for this very problem, know that you all have a problem.

-Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Malcolm Mackey, for the very same reason that you cannot ask a rainbow to stop being colorful, for ordering that a strip club cannot offer dancing sans clothing, you have a problem.

-Joseph T. Parrott, you have a problem with money. You don’t want to part with it when you’re legally obligated to do so. Deal with it. And your problem.

The Traffic Department of CW11 Morning News, you have no problem at all, despite what some may say.

Creative law enforcement

You’ve got to hand it to the Aussies, they know how to disperse a crowd. It worked when we tried it on Manuel Noriega, too. The blog thinks it might also incite a riot.

Key quote: “But some people living near the park are less than enthralled. They say the barrage of ‘Copacabana,’ ‘Could It Be Magic’ and ‘Que Sera Sera,’ blasting from 9 p.m. to midnight every Friday, Saturday and Sunday is driving them crazy.”