Another example of creeping fascism in our schools

If you’re an avid reader of the comment sections on news stories, or just listen to AM radio, you know very well that the U.S. is going downhill fast, and it’s all thanks to the creeping socialism-fascism model that the so-called Democratic party has been implementing for the past four years. It’s getting to the point where moms are required to get pat-downs when they show up for parent-teacher conferences.

A Florida mom went to her child’s middle school for a meeting, and like any good parent, brought along a concealed firearm. A teacher alerted the school resource officer, and she was able to produce a concealed carry permit. Only thing is, apparently in the People’s Communist Republic of Florida, it’s not legal to carry a concealed weapon on school grounds, permit or no. Then, during a search of her purse, the officer found a stun gun, a baggie of white powder and a painkiller, as is her constitutional right.

To be fair, the teacher she was supposed to meet probably had way more drugs and weapons.

First two rules of Toddler Fight Club broken

Police shut down the Dover, Delaware chapter of Toddler Fight Club on Monday, arresting three “day care” workers for a video that shows them encouraging two toddlers to fight. While the first two rules are clear, the third rule of the aptly named Hands of Our Future Daycare is that there’s “no pinching, only punching.”

Upon graduation from TFC or death, every toddler is renamed Robert Paulsen.

Profiles in bad parenting

High school is a rough time for most people. Unless you’re slutty or reasonably athletic, you’re just trying to get through the day and avoid any notice from your fellow students. One dad in Utah decided that being a sophomore in high school (in Utah, too) wasn’t hard enough.

He decided to, every morning, dress in a different costume and wave to his son’s bus as it passed by in the morning, humiliating his kid. The man, who for some reason named his son Rain, dressed up in 180 different costumes over the course of the school year, including a pirate, Michael Jackson (the white one, we assume), and a bride. In other news, this kid’s virginity is safe until college.

We’re not really sure about the source’s labeling of this “best prank ever,” It’s technically not even a prank, since the victim is not actually triggering the event itself.

No more pencils, no more tookuses

Thanks to a bill signed by Gov. Mike Beebe, Arkansas’ long statewide nightmare is finally over.

Baggy pants are officially banned from public schools by law, which defines them as clothing that exposes the wearer’s underwear or buttocks.

A few critics in the state legislature that voted against it argued that the bill stymies students’ individual expression. Also, in its mere two days of enactment, the bill has resulted in higher water bills as all plumbers are now banned from approaching within 50 yards of a school zone.

Much ado about nuttin’

Parents at Edgewater Elementary School, Florida, are mad as hell and they are not going to take it from a six-year-old first grader anymore!

The contentious little girl has a severe peanut allergy and refuses to not attend her taxpayer-funded public school. This decision has resulted in her classmates having to take special precautions so that she doesn’t die or have an equally-melodramatic anaphylactic incident.

The parents of other students want her gone because their children are now expected to:

  • Wash their hands before school and after lunch.
  • Rinse their mouths after eating.

Yes, basic sanitary practices would offend Floridians.

’80s nostalgia hits DC fourth graders

Four students from Washington, D.C. Thomson Elementary School were hospitalized for consuming an unknown quantity of cocaine while at school.

Nobody knows how one of the students obtained the coke, although it could have been one of those fabled free samples from the neighborhood dealer that D.A.R.E. warned us about. However, the four are reportedly fine and–aside from some sore throats–exhibited no other symptoms.

Oh, and they also:

  • wrote a screenplay for an action movie,
  • recorded a guitar-solo-heavy rock concept album about robots from the future,
  • talked to three women apiece (“eights” and above) about world piece
  • and invented a new type of calendar that replaces the leap year with a quarter day in February because your brain doesn’t move fast enough to interpret time in waves and rays.

Basically, what we’re saying is that cocaine is a hell of a drug.

See? This is why we pay them so little

Folks, teachers are bad–we all know that. They think they know everything, which is why they get to fill our kids’ heads with lies, that only can be undone with regular viewing of political pundits.

Apparently, they have the same problems in Europe. There, a mentally ill man from Northern Ireland was hired as a German teacher in France. This wouldn’t be anything bad, except for the fact that he one stabbed a coworker and was labeled a “dangerous schizophrenic” and escaped from a hospital.

Typically, you don’t see that on a resumé.

What’s worse than commie porn?

As a class of young students at the vaguely Hitler-esque named Adolf Reichwein School learned: German commie porn!

Parents were stunned by pens donated by the German Communist Party that light up and project erotic images of women. And you know that if German parents are shocked, that these are some very disturbing erotic images, indeed!

Beware of Australo-fascists!

Something nefarious is happening in Australian schools.

Last week, Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School students were assigned a project–a terror project to be exact. The assignment was to plan a chemical and/or biological attack designed to inflict the most civilian deaths possible.

We took that news with a grain of salt because, if there’s one way to make sure teenagers don’t do something, it’s to assign it as schoolwork. (This is why we still haven’t read The Red Badge of Courage.)

But now–NOW–a Catholic school in Perth gave its top costume award to a nine- or ten-year-old boy dressed as Hitler!

We’re not saying it’s time to distrust all Australians in your midst as potential terror Nazis, just any that seem particularly interested in Hitler, terrorism, scapegoating and your television.

Hitler ruins yearbook, little mustaches

It’s been 70 years since World War II, and yet Adolf Hitler is still finding new things to ruin. Since his first blitzkrieg in the 1930s, he’s stolen the following from us:

  • Armbands.
  • Little mustaches, which really sucks for the facial hair-impaired.
  • That Hindu swastika thing.
  • Goose-steeping.
  • Speaking German passionately. (That’s why they’re all nihilists now.)

And now, we can add the 2010 Easton Area High School Yearbook.

Somehow, a quote from the worst person in human history was printed onto page 190 of their yearbook, and attributed by name, yet nobody knows how it happened. Some believe though that it was one of those rare full sentence typos because, as Christian Bardales put it: “Our diversity is very strong so I believe it was just a mistake.”

Oh yeah, Christian? If your diversity is so strong, then how come there aren’t any Nazis at your school?