Disease on the high seas

In the War on Animals, there are no rules. There are no front lines, either. Thankfully, there are death camps.

One such place is the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Last week, they euthanized a beluga whale. Today, a whale shark at the aquarium “got sick and died (wink, wink).” Don’t be afraid of admitting the truth, Georgia Aquarium. The Geneva Convention only applies to humans.

SG salutes the aquarium for taking down the whale population one disease-related death at a time.

(Insert Animal Here) on a Plane

You’ve heard of Snakes on a Plane, you may have even heard of Snakes on a Train, but one man from Vermont found something much more terrifying on his plane trip. He found himself in: Scorpions on a Plane! I smell a sequel.

This is just another example of how animals are able to get past airport security and attack us where we are at our most vulnerable. We need more stringent searches to prevent this from happening again.