Birdwatch: 2006

Those dastardly birds are after us again! Say no to cloning, otherwise we might be in for this. I mean, seriously, did you see that picture? And they’re calling it a freaking “terror bird”. Terror bird. That doesn’t exactly make you think of something warm, cuddly, and soft like a marshmallow.

Ahem. So in conclusion, we can’t let this monster be brought about again upon the world, because if we do, the terror birds win.

Stingrays strike back

They started the war with the assassination of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, then people started exacting their revenge for the senseless killing. Now, it seems the battle has reached our shores.

A stingray off the coast of Florida leapt into a boat and stabbed a 81-year old man in the heart with a poisonous barb.
Luckily, the veteran of the war on stingrays and other animals has survived.

You can’t tell this blog that attack wasn’t premeditated.

What is it with new species this week?

In keeping with the recent trends of this blog to cover artifacts and new species, have you ever heard of a rat-squirrel? Didn’t think so. Most non-paleontologists haven’t, since science was said it had gone extinct millions of years ago. That is until they found one this week.

In a modern-day coelacanth story (that story is so last century!), scientists found a live species of a family long thought to be extinct for 11 million years. It was found this week in Laos. Scientists say they are pleased to find an ancient species to study, and add that it is best served with a side of kimchi.

In other news, cancel your weekend plans.

Caveat lobster

It would appear that France has discovered something furry other than the legs of their native female inhabitants.

A new species of crustacean has appeared off of the coast of Easter Island. So unique is this creature that it has genus. That’s fairly big for all of you non-biologist type people. Seriously people, the comparison between furry limbed crustaceans and French women with crabs writes itself.

Wonder how it tastes?