[Cue line from Stifler here]

Canada. It’s a country normally known for being fairly polite and nice. Sure, the stereotype is that, despite the abundance of hockey goons, they tend to be well-mannered, which is not a bad thing to type-cast as. Except Canadians are actually a bunch of jerks. And in no surprise, their humor tends to be about a decade behind.

For example, see a junior high school in Grand Marais, Manitoba.

Multiple teenagers are alleging that an adult chaperone tricked them into eating poop. Specifically moose poop. While on a field trip, the man fooled two incredibly dumb kids, telling them that the fecal moose matter was not only just a mixture of wild grass and berries, but also nutritious.

When asked, the man said “Tastes, *snicker* tastes awfully nutty, eh? *snort*”