Legal Stuff

All content on this site either (1) belongs exclusively to SeriouslyGuys, (2) belongs to people who gave us permission to use their stuff or (3) was ripped off from the United States government. That means that, unless you can tell the difference between all three, it’s safer to not steal our content.

However, don’t think that we’re little sissy-sumbritches who want to sue everyone. We encourage anyone to link to us, whether it be to our site, articles or graphics. Also, typical plagiarism rules abide: quote us all you want, but don’t try to pass our ideas as your own. We’re egotists and google our work all the time.

Finally, if you believe we have used your work illegally, please contact us. If we did it, we didn’t mean to. Just be prepared for massive amounts of humiliation if your allegations prove baseless.

Nature of Posts

Look, we’re a comedy site that takes most of our cues from the news. That means we makes fun of real people and real situations. Sometimes we can all agree on the target (e.g., Kim Jong Il), and sometimes we won’t (e.g., Natalee Holloway’s presumably drug-trafficking corpse). Not if, but when you are offended, you have some options:

1) Email the writer.
Every post on SeriouslyGuys has a byline with an email address. Unlike the wussy New York Times, we don’t hide unpopular opinions in nameless staff editorials. This is your best option if you really want to let one of us have it because we try to keep our language SFW for our worker drone readership.

2) Post comments.
We encourage all comments, whether they are positive or negative. The only posts we will delete are bots. Although we’d prefer it if you keep your language clean (we like being visible in corporate America), we’re not going to stop you from spouting whatever bile you want. But we also won’t stop others from explaining why you are an idiot. With SeriouslyGuys, once it’s on our page, it stays on there forever.

3) Post your own blog.
No, not on our site. Yours. Go ahead, but be sure to not plagiarize. And if you don’t have a site, then we suggest using any of the following means: Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, writing a letter to the editor of your major paper, contacting your congressional representative or counting to 10 and pissing off.

Finally, be aware that no matter how bad we may have offended you, we are 100-times worse on each other. There’s a good chance that, if we’re publicly humiliating you, we like you. Then again, there’s an equal chance we don’t.