Eat My Sports: Cardinals and Pats, Super Bowl Champs!

Not every football fan is a Neanderthal, meathead screaming at their television because they like seeing people get their brains bashed in. Unfortunately, sometimes, the average football gets lumped into a pool of people that is considered by and large, uneducated and spends way too much of their time, money and energy on a team or sport that really never gives anything back. This generalization is given to them by the few that make the rest of us who simply enjoy the sport look very, very bad.

Unless you live underneath a rock, you know by now that the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers are squaring off in Super Bowl 50. I repeat the DENVER BRONCOS and CAROLINA PANTHERS ARE PLAYING. Unfortunately, there are some recently tattooed Arizona Cardinal and New England Patriot fans that will have a lifetime reminder that their team did not, in fact, win the 50th Super Bowl.

As a bit of advice for you fans of both tattoos and sports: don’t get a championship tattoo until your team actually wins the championship. I know it seems like you are proving your dedication and calling your shot, however, it can wait.

Me, I had always known that I wanted to get my kids’ names tattooed, however, I actually waited until they were born and named before I got it done. Different kind of tattoo, but same principle. A lot of people would be curious if I had the wrong name.

Now, for these fans that give all football fans bad names, these geniuses can just tell people they won Super Bowl 50 in Madden. Because, otherwise it would just look dumb.