Eat My Sports: Cav It All

As we reach the literal worst part of the sports calendar, I have to reach for things to write about. This year, it’s the NBA trade deadline which actually ended up being one of the more entertaining days in the NBA in recent memory.

This past summer, reigning NBA Finals’ losers, the Cleveland Cavaliers, re-shaped their roster by trading away a 25-year-old superstar in Kyrie Irving, away for Isaiah Thomas’ bum hip and scrap metal. They also decided that it would be a great idea to bring in Dwayne Wade, who hasn’t been useful in about five years, Derrick Rose, who hasn’t been useful since before Obama’s re-election and some other moves that really don’t make any sense.

The NBA regular season is nothing but drama, before the actual drama that means something in the Spring and beginning of Summer. It’s all about players complaining to the media about team chemistry and blah, blah, blah nothing. The Cavaliers were no exception to this as Rose went MIA at some point, literally, Wade was a malcontent as an 11-point per game, ex All-Star who still thinks it’s 2009 and Thomas never gelled.

This led to something I’ve literally never seen happen to a NBA roster. LeBron James, the Cavs actual General Manager, decided to trade away the old rust for new blood that actually would be willing to play both ends of the floor. George Hill, Larry Nance Jr., Jordan Clarkson and Rodney Hood are far from superstars, but that might be just what the Cavs need.

The past two years, Cleveland’s roster has been full of former borderline All-Stars who still thought they were at their peak. By bringing in a bunch of role players with high-ceilings, the Cavaliers have re-emerged as the favorites in the East, and may be enough to unseat a clearly disinterested Golden State Warriors team.

Say what you will, the first week post-Super Bowl was at least interesting, now for the rest of the Winter and Spring …