Eat My Sports: Now, more than ever

If any of you out there had grown soft over the New York Yankees because they didn’t make the playoffs this past year, or because Darth Vader Al Davis George Steinbrenner had finally stepped down from the day-to-day operations of the team, then the past few weeks should have been a swift reminder as to why you should hate the New York Yankees.

Most people think I’m just a bitter Red Sox fan moaning over the fact that my boys weren’t able to land prized free agent Mark Teixeira. They could not be further from the truth. I never understood why Theo Epstein wanted Tex to begin with. We were already loaded with an All-Star infield, and were in no need of a first baseman, especially with Kevin Youkilis emerging as one of the game’s premier players. There was no room or need for Teixeira, or another $180 million on the books.

This is what you as a general sports fan should be angry about, greed.  CC Sabathia: seven years $161 million, AJ Burnett: five years $82.5 million, Teixeira: eight years $168 million. $431.5 million on three players. Um … ridiculous? Absolutely, especially considering that right after the Yankees dropped the contracts on Burnett and Sabathia, they asked the city for $100 million in tax-payer dollars to finance their new stadium. A stadium at which general ticket prices are going to be $2,500, apiece.

It appears as if the Empire is back in full swing, but this time they’re not going after other baseball teams (still no World Series titles in going on nine years) but they’re going after your wallet for things they can already afford.

Top games you can bet on next week:
Philadelphia Eagles over Minnesota Vikings
I’ll take the teacher (Andy Reid) over the pupil (Brad Childress) any day of the week. Specifically when the QB matchup is Tarvaris Jackson against Donovan McNabb. Eagles by 10.
Atlanta Falcons over Arizona Cardinals
Do I seem like an idiot for taking both Wild Card teams in the opening weekend of the playoffs? Probably, but I think the “we’re just happy to be here” mode has settled in a little too nicely for the Cards. Falcons 24-13.
Miami Dolphins over Baltimore Ravens
Don’t really know why, just have a gut feeling Chad Pennington still has more to prove than beating the Jets. Dolphins by a field goal.
Indianapolis Colts over San Diego Chargers
The Bolts did a fantastic job of fighting back to get in the playoffs, now they are going to swiftly be shown the door. Colts 41-24.
Last week: 5-0
The Season: 52-28

5. Carolina Panthers (12-4)

Nice job to not let the Falcons nab the number two playoff spot.
4. New York Giants (12-4)
That fire that was burning that made this team looked like they had something to prove is fading quick, and so could the G-men in the playoffs.
3. Indianapolis Colts (12-4)
Was this team really 3-4 a coupld of months ago? Easily the AFC’s most dangerous team going into the tournament.
2. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4)
Even with nothing on the line, Pittsburgh waxed another apponent by leaving on a 31-0 note heading into the playoffs. A win on your final game will do a lot for your psyche in January.
1. Tennessee Titans (13-3)
I know you had nothing to play for, but still a shutout? Yikes.

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