Eat My Sports: One more time, for the last time

As many of you know, The Guys (mainly Bryan McBournie and myself) are avid Boston Red Sox fans, and today marked the final opening day for one David Arias Ortiz. Of course, being the big, round, mound of trotting around, Ortiz blasted off a home run to kick off his final season.

If the Sox season goes down the toilet, the focus of this season will turn into what the 2014 campaign for Derek Jeter did, and just be one farewell celebration after another. And for my money, as my all-time favorite member of the Sox, no one deserves it more.

Especially, because even at 39, he’s going out at the top of his game.

Ever since his arrival in Boston in 2003, Ortiz has easily been the most likeable member of the team (his flare for postseason dramatics helped) which is why it’s going to be so tough to see him go, since he can still play.

Manny Ramirez was great, but let’s face it, he was a headcase on female hormones, Pedro Martinez had four phenomenal seasons, a personal midget and the world’s most unhittable fastball, but in the grand scheme of things was only around for the blink of an eye in Boston.

Ortiz’ 14 seasons in Boston will be fondly remembered by not only us Sox fans, but by MLB fans who got to see Papi, his slow trots  and bat flips.

At least, one more time.