Eat My Sports: Redskin fans, listen up

One of the major drawbacks to living where each of The Guys do is we are subject to one of the worst fan bases in all of sports, Washington Redskins fans. Listening to them year after year make them sound like perhaps the most emo fan base in all of sports. And their favorite thing to do, is the moment they have something good, salivate and wait for the moment it turns bad so they can go back to griping about how they’re the most snake-bitten franchise of the past 25 years.

If the Redskins are the equivalent of emo, the fans and their coverage are the equivalent of Chris Carrabba going on a bender after a break up. No one cares, and we stopped listening to your bitching 15 years ago.

However, I can’t entirely blame them for being the NFL equivalent of your bipolar relative. Ever since Dan Snyder took over this team, to quote Pirates of the Caribbean, “every decision you’ve made has led us from bad to worse.” Most importantly, they screwed up a quarter century’s worth of the most important position, quarterback. And now that they finally have a solution, the Redskins are doing the most Redskins thing they can do, look at trading the guy.

I was on the record as early as 2012 saying that they drafted Kirk Cousins because people knew that Bob Griffin the third was not the long term answer. But they had to draft Griffin with the second pick in 2012 because Mike Shannahan basically had a gun to his head. They hoped they could catch lightning in a bottle and strike a Super Bowl win before Griffin’s legs turned into sawdust. That didn’t happen, Shannahan got canned, and they were left with a fourth round steal that has turned into a two-time Pro Bowler and set every franchise single season passer mark. You can win with Cousins.

Snyder apparently thinks differently and does not want to offer a long term deal, and is now shopping his still in his 20s stud quarterback.

Redskin fans, you have put up with a generation of ineptitude. This is your free pass to start rooting for another team, and no one will judge you. Root for Dallas, root for Pittsburgh, hell, even root for the Jaguars (at least they try), but the time has come for you to embrace another generation of misery. Carrabba is getting ready to hit his mid-40s, your pain doesn’t have to last as long as he has.