Eat My Sports: The World Series that no one wanted

It was what Bud Selig never wanted. This, ladies and gentlemen is the absolute worst-case-scenario for Major League Baseball, but trust me, for any purists out there, a Rangers vs. Giants World Series is as good as it gets.

For television ratings and overall popularity of the sport, it’s better if there is  a predominant television market team available. Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and Boston are all best-case-scenario contestants as far as the league office goes. Why? Because those teams generate revenue and fair-weather fans who will follow the sport of the winning team at least until the trading deadline of the following season. The sad part about this year? No one will remember that the Giants or Rangers won, and that’s sad, because this could play out to be one of the best Fall Classics ever played.

Pitching is at a premium league-wide, and no one has had better pitching in October than San Francisco and Texas. Cliff Lee vs Tim Lincecum has the potential to be one of the most historic Game 1’s of all time, and no one will watch.

What’s even worse is that if Texas loses, Lee most assuredly will become a Yankee, and we’ve seen were this pattern leaves before. But unless you’re more interested in the beginning of the NBA season, take a look at the World Series, bet you didn’t even know it was happening, did you?

5. New York Giants (5-2)
4. Baltimore Ravens (5-2)
3. New England Patriots (5-1)
2. New York Jets (5-1)
1. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1)

Top five games you can bet on this week:
5. Detroit Lions (-2.5) over Washington Redskins

If Detroit can get their first win in over two years, a year ago, the Skins are in for a terrible Sunday.
4. Miami Dolphins(+2) over Cincinnati Bengals
I wouldn’t want to be any team going up against a very angry Dolphins squad.
3. Tennessee Titans (+3.5) over San Diego Chargers
We have a Kerry Collins sighting!
2. New York Jets (-6) over Green Bay Packers
The Packers receive a terrible distraction when pictures of little Aaron Rodgers show up on Jenn Sterger’s cell phone.
1. Houston Texans  (+5) over Indianapolis Colts
Lock and load, baby.
Last week: 2-3
The season: 15-12-3

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  1. NE beats Bal, Bal beats Pit, Bal beats NYJ, NYJ beats NE. It’s a cluster#### and the Roethlisberger Steelers haven’t played Bal, and the NYJ and NE games are coming, I shall rank accordingly. Also, pay attention to other credible news outlets like SG, such as ESPN and Sports Illustrated, they have the Steelers number one as well.

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