Eat My Sports: Time to eat my medicine

So we’re officially past the halfway mark of the MLB season, to those of you who pay attention, it’s been a blur hasn’t it? We started this whole shebang back in April, and back then I also made some pretty big predictions, so let’s take a look at how much I actually know by grading my predictions from the Spring.

NL East
Predicted Winner: Atlanta Braves
Current Leader: Philadelphia Phillies
OK, so right now the above .500 Braves are six and a half games back of Philadelphia. This may sound weird, but out of all the teams in the putrid NL East, the Braves have played the most consistent ball. Philly can’t figure out how to win in Philly and the Mets are … the Mets, can’t change who you are, kid. I’m sticking with Atlanta winning this because of consistency.
Grade: B

NL Central
Predicted Winner: Chicago Cubs
Current Leader: St. Louis Cardinals
As bad as the Cubbies have been, being two games back at this point in the season is a huge testament to a) how bad the division is, and b) how well Lou Pinella has a grasp on his Cubs. Remember, in the NL it’s all about who gets hot at the end, this may be lining up great for Chicago fans to get their hopes up then cry another winter. So the Cubs are lining up well, but I also said this division was laughable because St. Louis was a one man show, the Pirates were terrible and the Reds sucked. Shows how much of a read I had on this one.
Grade: C-

NL West
Predicted Winner: San Francisco Giants
Current Leader: Los Angeles Dodgers
Boy did I nail this one when I said that Manny delivered headlines. Despite Manny’s 50-game absence due to maternity leave, the Dodgers still maintained a lead over … the … (dramatic pause, wait for the all caps) SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS!!! Now, the Rockies are coming on strong, but I had the Giants as my sleeper, and as bad as they were last year, to have them at 50-42 is a freaking miracle, and makes me look like I may be smart after all.
Grade: B

NL Wild Card
Predicted Winner: Philadelphia Phillies
Current Leader: Colorado Rockies
Ummmmm, this will look better come October.
Grade: D

AL Easte
Predicted Winner: Boston Red Sox
Current Leader: Boston Red Sox/NY Yankees
Parts I got right include that Boston will be in the lead if they stay healthy, as well as that the Rays will be lucky if they finish fourth. However I also said that Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi would be fired by August 1, it’s still July, I’m sticking to it ’cause the Yankees suck.
Grade: A+++++

AL Central
Predicted Winner: Cleveland Indians
Current Leader: Detroit Tigers
There is nothing that I can say or do to defend this. I should be fired.
Grade: F

AL West
Predicted Winner: Oakland Athletics
Current Leader: Anaheim Angels
You know, we can’t be smart all the time OK?!?!?!?!?!?!? Do you realize how much pressure there is to be ballsy/conservative/smart/idiotic all at the same time? IT TAKES ITS FREAKING TOLL. I’m just gonna lie and say I was drinking heavily when I wrote this. Either that or I was not aware of what my trainer was administering to me while writing that column.
Grade: Flunked out

AL Wild Card
Predicted Winner: NY Yankees
Current Leader: NY Yankees
You know, even I don’t like being right sometimes.
Grade: A

Tune in at the end of the season to see how genius I look then!