It be a muuuuu-tiny aboard the waterless seas

People get nickeled and dimed left and right. This happens to everyone (seriously hotels? I have to pay a bed tax?), no matter who they are or what they do, and it’s never fun. As such, some of the offenders need to be aware that a revolution could be at hand.

They also might want to be aware that the revolution could come from their very own employees.

John Carney of CNBC was on a flight to Los Angeles. After being served a horrendously priced chicken sandwich, he was given a free beer. Awesome! Then he was given another free beer. Doubly awesome! And when a woman asked to buy a bottle of win, but it was given to her free of charge, that’s amazing! Factor in other passengers getting items gratis and you’ve got one nice flight.

It would appear that miniature or covert mutiny had been implemented by airline employees potentially tired of being yelled at by angry customers. It’s understandable. Is it against the law? Probably. But hey, just having a screaming baby to deal with rather than a screaming baby and a screaming old man is always the better of the two.