Japan is one big toilet

Oh, excuse me, I’m sorry, Japan has one big toilet. That helps out. See, most public restrooms can be kind of crappy (get it?). They’re cramped and dirty, which probably doesn’t help relax your mind while you’re relaxing your body (get it still?). But architect Sou Fujimoto has a better , bigger idea.

Fujimoto has designed the world’s biggest toilet, not by creating a giant toilet — the porcelain throne itself is normal-sized — but by virtue of designing a giant, outdoor stall. If you’re a woman (sorry, no guys) in Ichihara City in Chiba Prefecture and need to take a leak, you can pay a little to use this 10 million yen toilet in a clear glass box, placed on 200 square meters of land adorned with beautiful flowers. It may look sparse now, but things will continue to grow until the area is bursting with grass, flowers, and trees. And don’t worry, no one will see you, because the toilet is surrounded by a two-meter fence.

Ideally, Fujimoto would like to see access extended to men, who need to take a particularly serene dump. I’d like to try it out too, but let’s be fair here: women won’t like sharing a restroom with men, and men’s restrooms are usually pretty nasty. Why not make a second outdoor toilet next door?

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