Jesus has never been so cool

I come from a small town, and when it celebrated its 250th birthday about a decade or so ago, all that went down was a gathering of local merchants around the track field down in the football stadium at the then only high school in the town. That’s not very baller of a birthday gift for when you turn super duper old, right?

But Västerås, a town in Sweden? They know exactly what to give themselves. The town recently turned the grand old age of 40, so what did Västerås get Västerås? An ice sculpture of Jesus.

It makes sense, given that Sweden is so blasted cold, and as such, Ice Jesus should be able to stay around for some time; however, come the summer time, when the temperature starts hitting the high digits and Ice Jesus turns into Water Jesus, it’s gonna take a bit longer than 3 days for him to come back.