Kidz Korner: Klassroom Edition

Hey, kidz! It’s been awhile since the court allowed us to run one of our Kidz Korner features, which is so very, very whack. But, we’re back, so it’s time for us to talk–no grown-ups allowed.

If you’re a student in Arizona, then you might have noticed your mommies and daddies frothing at the mouth a bit, especially if they’re European-Americans. It may seem a little crazy or wrong, especially when they’re trying to get rid of your Mexican-American teachers and students.

Just make sure you know that it’s not racist.

You see, your parents don’t hate Mexicans, or people from South and Central America and Spain, whom they consider Mexican. They certainly don’t hate Mexicans that were born in America just like they were.

They just hate their

But, it’s OK because they still like their food. (This is also why Aunt Jemima isn’t racist: we love her syrup. )

So, when your parents get a little upset because other people call them racists for hating everything about a certain group of people based on skin color while tolerating immigrants from other parts of the world,* give them a hug. Because hugs are pretty much the only language people understand when the world is complicated, scary and requires more than a sixth grade reading level.

*Does not apply to Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean and Europe east and south of Germany.

(Special thanks to Alexis.)