MasterChugs Theater: Catch-Up 2013

Catch-up time is here. My picks for the Oscars last week were great and astounding.

At least, maybe they were. Were they? Hit the jump to see if I’m still Nostradamus or more Andy Katzenmoyer.

And the results are: two of five. That’s not that good. I called Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Best Documentary Feature. That’s it. Nnnhhh. In my defense, I didn’t even know, even when looking at the nominations, that Brave was a choice. And who would’ve guessed that Argo would manage to upset Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty (which was also robbed of a Best Actress win, thank you Miss Jennifer Lawrence)?

This was not an easy year to make a solid pick, ladies and gents. While that was bad for me, pick-wise, that means it was great for you. Why? Duh. GREAT MOVIES!

Like I said last week, with the exception of Amour and Les Misérables, every movie in contention for Best Picture was an amazingly solid movie (you can’t say that about last year). Having a surfeit of great movies is easily one of the best problems to have.