SG Logo Wear

The Guys want YOU … to be our meat billboard. Our signature line of clothing features our most recent SG logo on apparel for any occasion.

Booze News

Your drunken antics are always news to you the next day. Celebrate this truth of life with Booze News gear!

Thank you for visiting our store! All SeriouslyGuys and Booze News merchandise is sold through stores in CafePress. All profits remain in the SeriouslyGuys partnership to pay for the costs of running this site. We do not pay salaries, nor will we blow your cash on comic books and moon pies.

If you are dissatisfied with a product you’ve received, all returns must be conducted through CafePress within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. We still want to hear from you if you have a complaint, so please email us when you return the item so we can fix it.

Also, is there an item you would like to buy, but we don’t have it in our store? Email us with your suggestions!

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