Washington, D.Sea

SeriouslyGuys has contributors spanning from eastern shore of Maryland to the dismal swamps burning crosses sun-drenched lakes of Alabama. We’re nationwide.

Last night the D.C. area saw a rainfall nearly five times the century-standing record. Yours truly was in D.C. when it happened. Downed trees, mudslides and runoff on the sidewalks were all commonplace. The highlight was seeing a new Lexus attempt to cross standing water in one of those mini tunnels they have at some intersections.

Let’s just say the Lexus got the Katrina treatment.

UPDATE: Here’s an example.

PornoCon 2006!

I’m agnostic, but I strangely get a mental image of anyone looking back after leaving turning into salt. Or KY.

Key quote of the moment: “Christian groups are expected to picket the convention, with one group planning to distribute several thousand “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” Bibles.

Anyone that attends this event and gets me one of these bibles shall be financially rewarded for their efforts. No lie.

Burn one if you got ‘em

Thanks to some guy’s daddy issues, we may get a brand-spankin-new amendment to the Constitution.

Key quote: Mr. Wheeler says his father, a World War II veteran, would make him stand and sing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ when the U.S. flag appeared as a test pattern after television broadcasts ended for the night [emphasis mine].