Really real vampire doctors?

There are bad stories, and then there are bad stories that refute their very first sentence within paragraphs.

For example: this article about “self-identified vampires” who have formed their own subculture. The opening line states that these vampires are “doctors … by day.”

However, these particular vampires differ from the vampires at your local Hot Topic because they believe that they suffer from “an internal lack of energy that makes them seek energy from external sources such as the high that comes from the crowd at a rock concert or from the blood of a willing donor.”

So, the author, Laura Zuckerman, is claiming that there are doctorsmedical professionals–who consensually drink the blood of others because they think it provides energy they lack?

Perhaps these doctors are “self-identified” as well.

4 thoughts on “Really real vampire doctors?”

  1. There are real, practicing medical professionals who identify as living human vampires. It’s a huge misunderstanding of the vampire subculture (promoted by the media) that self-identified vampires are all emo, goth teens who can’t tell reality from fiction. There are some of those, but there are also computer programers, nurses, teachers, police officers & forensic specialists. I’ve met either in person or online self-identified vampires from all these professions.

    Some drink small amounts of blood from consenting donors. Some believe they draw upon the kind of energy that reiki practitioners & other energy workers use. It’s the stuff that makes up a person’s aura, called chi, ki, pranna, or by other names. It isn’t recognized in Western Science, but it is in Asian cultures.

    Look up Vampires Today, by Joseph Laycock (available at You ought also to read this interview with him:

  2. Persephone hit the nail on the head. You might be opinionated, but you are plainly not someone who deal a lot with informed opinions. There are a ton of different medical professionals outside of the MD range. Though I do like it when people like you post, it clearly showes the depth of ignorance a lot of people display just so they can see their own writing on the screen. If you are the worst of the Critics, the Vampires have nothing to worry about.

  3. @ Rick Snee – QFT. Woe unto the anti-vampire blogger that grabs the attention of the online vampire community. LOL

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