Reason #6: You read this article

Do you *really* want to know why?Listen, single ladies. We know it’s tough out there when you don’t have a man to all marry you and give you socks to clean.

And, speaking as (The) Guys, we don’t make it any easier on you by dumping you. But you’re not going to find the answers by reading articles like these or asking a guy friend* to interpret it for you.

There’s only one reason straight men dump you: we don’t want to hang out with you, watch your TV shows, eat your food, talk to your friends, play with your cats and ride in your car anymore.

Also, there’s never somebody else; there’s everybody else.

There: mystery solved. Now go show your boobs to somebody else.

*Really, just one? What’s his qualification, an PhD in Manwatching? We’re not exactly scientists here, but what if your one male friend is retarded or in love with you and trying to prove it through subtle responses to an article about why jerks dump awesome women?