See Spot cost his family more than he should

If you couldn’t tell, we don’t think very highly of animals here at SeriouslyGuys. We find them vastly overrated and more trouble than they’re worth. Of course, when a pet is lost, we find offering a reward for them to be a bit ridiculous, the larger the amount the more absurd. Two thousand dollars is a lot of money for a mere cat, especially when an amount of money that large could be directed toward something slightly more useful for society. Sometimes the owner of the missing animal may even contact you, upset at a story, 3 months after a story has been posted.

Fear not crazy cat lady: you’ve been topped. A couple in Ohio lost their dog. The offer for it coming home? A paltry ten thousand dollars.

I can think of a couple places that might need the money more than anyone that found the dog, such as the Human Fund. Just make your check out to C-H-R-I-S…