Sushi spicy sauce is people!

Tiny, super microscopic people. And in infinite amounts!

A woman is suing Planet Sushi, a sushi restaurant in New York City, over her take-out sushi. She feels that the spicy sauce that came along with her dish had a higher than normal amount of semen in its ingredients.

Mind you, the normal amount of semen in spicy sauce is typically zero.

She states that she noticed something amiss upon first tasting the sushi, after having dipped a piece of the tuna roll into the sauce, and that she spit part of the roll out but swallowed about half of the bite.

Now, the part about noticing something out of the ordinary regarding the sushi throws me off a bit. What does that have to do with anything? Does the sushi contain semen, or at least, more semen than what’s to be expected from fish? Is she implying that the sushi was tainted or prepared in a way that required her to use the potentially tainted spicy sauce? I don’t understand.

Nonetheless, she’s proceeded with a lawsuit, which a judge has allowed despite a request by the restaurant to be dismissed. There are so many questions that need to be answered, and not a one of them contain words I would use at my job.