Hi-ya’s! for charity

It almost seems like a person can make anything into a charity. There’s ball cancer, boob cancer, brush-fires, earthquake relief, homeless people and so forth. Oh, and there’s NAMBLA. Can’t forget that (man oh man, are we going to have some horrible search hits now). While AIDS was in style in the early nineties, cancer of all type seems to be the illness prevention of choice at the moment, but you can never go wrong in doing something nice for the kids.

Having fifty fights in one night is doing something nice for the kids, right? We’re not really sure. Brian Digore, a karate school owner, will be turning 50 next Friday. He’s celebrating this by fighting fifty people, one at a time at 90 seconds each, in mixed forms of combat.

Oh, and this will end up benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters. Hope Old Man Digore doesn’t need to dip into the coffers to benefit his sore knuckles.