Life imitates art, man imitates dog

In what can only be presented as the first ever fusion of Abbott and Costello meets Benny Hill, an officer managed to chase himself for 20 minutes.

Okay, so, yeah, there IS more to it than just that. Britain is filled with CCTV surveillance, all to help out security. An undercover officer was patrolling the area after crimes had hit it earlier. A camera operator let him know that there was a suspicious character seen in the vicinity of him. Except, since he was undercover, the camera operator did not know what the officer looked like, and in order to not attract attention, the undercover wasn’t going to make it obvious that he was a cop. Nonetheless, neither would stop doing their job, as crime was potentially afoot!

This unintentional bit of comedy continued for nearly half an hour before a higher ranking official came into the monitoring booth and pointed out just how wrong both parties were.

Remember kids, England’s the country that tried to take us over a long time ago. Somehow.