Chicks, man: Ladybugs don’t like rock music

Here’s another reason we need to eliminate animals from the planet: they don’t respect our music.

According to a new study, ladybugs that are exposed to rock ‘n roll music tend to eat fewer aphids than those who had no dining music or listened to soft country music, which is of course, worse than anything. Researchers at Mississippi State University found that exposing these predatory bugs to AC/DC made them lose their appetites, which is bad news if you’re a farmer or gardener.

So, no more rocking out while you till the soil. You could have an infestation on your hands.

Take it from Snee: The State of Cool Address

Good evening, my fellow Internet users.

It my duty as the coolest person on the Internet to report every so often on the state of cool: that is, what is cool, what is no longer cool, threats to coolness and cool programs I am spearheading to keep our collective pimp hand strong.

As we approach 2009, we have reached a crucial focal point for what is cool. Environmentalism, economics and the downfall of Hot Topic raise many questions in the cool person’s mind. In these uncertain times, we shall work together to lift a few select individuals above the crowd. Continue reading Take it from Snee: The State of Cool Address