Ayatollah to stop using black magic already!

Ali Khamenei, the grand poobah of Iran, isn’t too keen on President Ahmadinejad at the moment. The president had decided to not officially support Khamenei’s decision to reinstate a minister that Ahmadinejad had originally made resign. As such, Ali has issued a public statement that the president had better get with the program or he. Is. Outta here!

In almost as many words.

Now, normally, that would be pretty interesting news to hear, but for SG, well, The Guys need that certain something.

The rift between the two men grew when the president staged an 11-day walkout in an apparent protest at Khamenei’s decision.

No, that’s not it.

Although Khamenei is not constitutionally allowed to intervene in cabinet appointments, an unwritten law requires all officials to always abide by the supreme leader without showing any opposition.

Nnnnnnh, it almost seems like it’s missing something.

Supporters of Khamenei say that Ahmadinejad is surrounded by “deviants” in his inner circle, including his controversial chief of staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, who wants to undermine the involvement of clerics in Iran’s politics. Mashaei and his allies have recently been accused of using supernatural powers and invoking djinns (spirits) in pursuing the government’s policies.

Bingo. SG sweet spot achieved.