That doggo ate-cho llama baby

People, pay attention to the link. If there’s another story headline that should shock you into utter panic and worry, then I don’t know what it could be.


Watch out Washingtonians (the state citizens, not the masochists of Barry)! It always starts out with a gigantic llama (when you’re short, all animals look gigantic, even the microscopic ones), then a massive killing spree that knows no boundaries, but eventually it turns horrifying.

To help emphasize the danger of the situation, a local constabulary spoke to the media.

Undersheriff Lavonne Webb told the AP the pack is ” killing for the sake of killing.”

There are some that might be a bit skeptical about such a claim. They fall in one of two categories:

1. Those that will be killed sooner rather than later.
2. Species traitors, through and through.