Learning the alphabet through pain

It seems that America has finally gotten serious about educating its youth. It’s cheap, it’s viral and it’s something kids actually want to do. As if on cue, educators have a problem with it.

It’s called the eraser game, and unlike other viral games these days, it doesn’t involve eating or drinking anything. All you have to do is rub an eraser on your skin while reciting the alphabet. When finished proving that he or she knows their ABCs, the student then shows the reddened skin, which sometimes bleeds.

This is proof that education, like the most visible scars on our bodies, is often self-inflicted.

This post has been brought to you by letters outlawed in Turkey

Turkey is known as the one of the most westernized of Middle Eastern countries. That’s why it’s sort of surprising that they have a ban on certain letters of the alphabet.

It is been illegal to use the letters Q, W and X, but that all may change soon, as the Turkish prime minister has suggested the ban be dropped. Turns out, the ban was put in place because because the Turkish people really don’t like the Kurds, who use those letters a lot for their own language.

Also, they just wanted to make Scrabble a little easier.