UN wants you for Space Ambassador

At least, if you’re qualified, that is.

Yes, you’re reading that right. This is not a satirical website’s attempt at humor (or at least, some other satirical website’s attempt at humor), nor is it an April Fool’s-esque headline: this is the real deal.

The United Nations has appointed Malaysia’s first astrophysicist to be their ambassador to space. No one knows at the moment whether this will be a strike for our on-going war on aliens (established in June of 1947, maybe July) or blow against a much needed wartime effort, as the UN is often wont to do.

Can’t think of a headline that would not sound a little racist

We all know Japan is quirky. Heck, one might even go so far as to call it “weird.” This blog has no idea what could have caused this, but it could be the radiation from the atomic bombs we dropped.

They love technology, they love cheap animation that all looks the same and they helped us not feel creepy about finding the school girl outfit rather hot. But even a country like that can go overboard. Recently, Japan named a cartoon character to an ambassador position.

Folks, this officially makes Japan the Britney Spears of nations. We need to make it get help.