Animal Liberation Front has AIDS

While we’re not ones to hand out free tips to species traitors like the Animal Liberation Front, we can’t gloat without doing so.

So, if your plan is to intimidate an animal researcher, the last thing you want to do is mail him razor blades and claim they’re infected with AIDS.

1. He conducts medical research on animals. Which means he can easily test whether the razors actually carry the HIV virus by using it on the monkeys.

2. The medical research is for addictive drugs. You might as well mail him pocket mirrors and rolled up dollar bills for the cocaine wing, which is filled with a hundred monkeys at a hundred typewriters who have already developed scripts for 12 Two and a Half Men clones.

Tribute missing something …

What? What were you expecting?The USA Today wrote a very nice tribute to the dogs and cats that help cancer patients recover. The article claims that pets’ very companionship is a medical boon, though they didn’t seem to prevent the cancer at all. (Coincidence?)

Dogs were also credited with learning to diagnose cancer, but how difficult is that to figure out? It’s a person in a hospital that showed up because of a lump. Wow.

You know what real meaningful contribution that dogs and cats make to the War on Cancer that the article didn’t even bother to mention? Research.

Way to drop the ball and not bring it back when we asked, mainstream media.